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Pentax Q mirrorless camera: “hope is almost completely gone, unless a miracle happens, it will never be revived”

The Japanese photographer Kimio Tanaka, who has Ricoh/Pentax insider information and has a good track record of reporting relevant information, mentioned on Twitter that a new Pentax Q mirrorless camera is out of the question – “hope is almost completely gone, unless a miracle happens, it will never be revived“:

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Pentax Q on hold, Pentax digital 645 development is ongoing

  Digicame-info has a report based on a tweet from the CP+ show: The Pentax Q is currently on hold and it is not yet decided if the line will be completely eliminated or there will be future development Pentax digital 645 development is currently ongoing

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New Metabones 0.50x Speed Booster for Pentax Q (0.5x magnification and world-record f/0.666)

Metabones released a new 0.50x Speed Booster adapter for the Pentax Q mirrorless camera. It’s called the “Devil’s Speed Booster” because it permits a world record f/0.666 lens speed when a f/1.2 lens is attached. Even “ordinary” f/1.4 lenses will give you f/0.7 output. Metabones adapters are sold at Amazon and B&H. Metabones Nikon G […]

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More on the Pentax 09 telephoto macro a.k.a. smc Pentax Macro 20mm f/2.8 lens

This is an update on the Pentax Q 09 telephoto macro lens story from last month:

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Pentax Q 09 telephoto macro lens

A new strange rumor about the Pentax 09 Telephoto Macro lens surfaced online from the Japanese photographer Kimio Tanaka: いま、試用中のレンズ。 小さい、軽い、AF高速、至近も無限もとんでもなく描写がいい。レンズのスペックなどはおいおいと・・・。若者よ、希望を捨てるな。PENTAXがんばれ。 — 田中希美男 (@thisistanaka) April 22, 2017 Translation: “The lens I’m currently testing. It’s small, it’s light, autofocus is fast and the pictures are superb at both macro and infinity positions. The specs and […]

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Updated Pentax lens roadmaps

In addition to the Pentax K-mount roadmap, Ricoh also updated the Q-mount lens roadmap and the previously scheduled telephoto macro lens is no longer listed (it was in the 2016 version of the roadmap) – this pretty much means the Pentax Q system is now gone: The 645 lens roadmap is unchanged:

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Pentax Q system no longer listed on Ricoh Imaging US website

The whole Pentax Q system (including cameras, lenses, roadmaps) has been removed from the Ricoh Imaging’s US website (in both the English and Spanish versions): Ricoh Imaging US cameras Ricoh Imaging US lenses The Pentax Q-S1, Q-mount lenses and Q-mount roadmap are still shown on the Japanese website (both the Japanese and English versions) but […]

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