Updated Pentax lens roadmaps

In addition to the Pentax K-mount roadmap, Ricoh also updated the Q-mount lens roadmap and the previously scheduled telephoto macro lens is no longer listed (it was in the 2016 version of the roadmap) – this pretty much means the Pentax Q system is now gone:

The 645 lens roadmap is unchanged:

Source: Ricoh

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  • Stefan Senf

    Anything ’bout DA? No? And no Limited Lenses wheresoever? Don’t forget about your centre of competence, Pentax!

    • ddamski

      there is a DA wide zoom lens in the roadmap of the official ricoh site for 2017

  • tornwald

    Is Ricoh still dedicated to the 645 system?

    • Makes you wonder doesn’t it? I’ve been waiting for them to update that “standard zoom” with a crisp, new, weather sealed, stabilized lens that resolves to 100MP… for years. The only thing that keeps changing on that chart is the year. Roadmap 2015, 2016 and 2017 look a lot alike.

      • tornwald

        My thoughts also. I would love to take the jumt to the 645 system, but I always have a fishy feeling about Pentax’ commitment in the long run for the reasons you mention. Fuji for instance seems very serious about the new G format, offering a formiddable lens lineup from the start that they claim are future proof for newer 100+ mpixel sensors.

        • The thee newer AW lenses they have, are good lenses… but it would seem like that standard zoom and tele zoom would be fairly important pieces for the camera’s target market.

          As far as “marketing” goes, I’m not sure what message changing the year for those two “updates” is sending. I mean… if you’re not going to update the lenses until 2020, put 2020 on the lens roadmap.

    • Zos Xavius

      kind of hard to say at this point. i hope so. they have stretched their production capabilities pretty thin with 4 different lines though. I hear new 645 is coming so let’s hope and pray.

      • tornwald

        New 645 comming, old rumors or some recent ones?
        I also hope so 🙂

        • Zos Xavius

          Fairly recent. I heard they are looking at the 100mp chip. Have some salt with that. 😉

    • aaa

      Fuji just released GFX with the old 50MP sensor, so it’s very unlikely that a new 44×33 sensor is in the production pipeline already. In that case, Pentax will either wait a few years for the new 44×33 sensor, or update the 645Z with the 54×40 100MP sensor. The current 54×40 sensor is quite expensive. Maybe Pentax don’t want to heavily invest into it yet for they will have to jack the camera price way up to make a profit. Either way, I think Pentax still takes care of its 645 system. It’s just it doesn’t get refreshed as frequent as the lower end models/systems.

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