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The latest Kickstarter projects

The latest Kickstarter updates: New on Kickstarter: Ultra plates for Arca-compatible tripods by 3 Legged Thing. New on Kickstarter: Lancer 300, modular backpack with exoskeleton design (detachable power station, modular camera compartments, and more).   12 days left, over$150k raised: SPINN camera strap with SWIFT-LOCK quick-release. Raised over $200k: Yashica micro – the smallest mirrorless camera […]

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What’s new on Kickstarter?

NEW: SWIFT-LOCK camera carry – magnetic quick release, compatible with all major standards. Fjord 50-C camera backpack – a 40L adventure photography backpack that expands to 50L. Radiant Mega Sling – new sling bag designed for modern explorers, perfect for urban & outdoor enthusiasts. CAZE is an all-in-one memory card reader solution that ensures your shots and […]

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The Benro Theta self-leveling intelligent modular tripod is now available on Kickstarter

The previously reported Benro Theta self-leveling intelligent modular tripod is already listed for fundraising on Kickstarter. Here are the details: Update: in just a few hours the Benro auto-leveling tripod raised almost $400k on Kickstarter (from a $50k goal).

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The latest updates on Kickstarter photography projects

Here are the latest updates on Kickstarter photography projects: Ending today: the Maven color-coded magnetic filters raised almost 430k on Kickstarter. New: POD MINI adaptable macro lighting system (over $33k raised). Raised almost $650k: The HEIPI tripod – the lightest and most compact 3-in-1 travel tripod.

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New on Kickstarter: SPINN CW.01 protective camera gear wrap

SPINN.DESIGN already had several very successful photo accessories crowdfunding campaigns and they just launched another project on Kickstarter – the SPINN CW.01 is a protective wrap for camera gear that in two days has already raised $52,583 (out of a $7,927 goal). More photography-related crowdfunding campaigns can be found here.

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Kickstarter photography projects compatible with Pentax K-mount cameras

→ H&Y Filters just launched the REVORING Swift, the world’s first magnetic modular filter system: $13,583 pledged of $9,992 goal. → Trexo Slider – world’s most compact camera slider: $81,091 pledged of $10,000 goal. → Pinhole Pro Max: world’s most advanced pinhole lens: $213,818 pledged of $10,000 goal. Via PhotoRumors

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Pinhole Pro Max for Pentax K-mount: world’s most advanced pinhole lens is now on Kickstarter and it already raised $80k

Today Thingyfy launched their new Pinhole Pro Max lens on Kickstarter – the world’s most advanced pinhole lens project that already received $80k in funding, an impressive amount for the first day of a crowdfunding campaign and it is available also for Pentax K-mount. Here are the details: World’s first multi-aperture zoom pinhole lens 6 […]

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