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CononMark adds studio flash support for Pentax cameras

The CononMark i6T EX and CononMark K4T battery-powered wireless studio flashes now support TTL and HSS (high-speed synchronization) with Pentax cameras. For more information, visit the CononMark web site. Via Lightingrumours

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Pentax support added to Cactus V6 II TTL wireless flash trigger

Cactus announced that Pentax support was added to the Cactus V6 II TTL wireless flash trigger:

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New Metabones 0.50x Speed Booster for Pentax Q (0.5x magnification and world-record f/0.666)

Metabones released a new 0.50x Speed Booster adapter for the Pentax Q mirrorless camera. It’s called the “Devil’s Speed Booster” because it permits a world record f/0.666 lens speed when a f/1.2 lens is attached. Even “ordinary” f/1.4 lenses will give you f/0.7 output. Metabones adapters are sold at Amazon and B&H. Metabones Nikon G […]

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K&F Concept introduced six new mount adapter for Pentax DA lenses

K&F Concept (Keandoff Concept) introduced six new mount adapters for Pentax DA lenses for Sony E, Micro Four Thirds and Fujifilm X-mounts (Google translation):

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ShutterCount app now supports Pentax cameras as well

The guys behind the ShutterCount app contacted me to inform that their app now also supports Pentax cameras:

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D-BG7 battery grip for Pentax KP DSLR camera now in stock

The new D-BG7 battery grip for the Pentax KP DSLR camera is now in stock at B&H, Adorama and Amazon. The price is $229.

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New flash and trigger solutions for Pentax cameras

There is a new Shanny SN600FGZ P-TTL GN60 HSS flash for Pentax cameras that was announced two months ago and according to the comments on this Facebook post, the same company will also be releasing a new trigger for Pentax cameras. The SN600FGZ flash costs $120 and can be purchased from Amazon. Phottix announced their new […]

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