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New server and HTTPS for PentaxRumors

In the past week I have been busy upgrading PentaxRumors to a new server at HostDuplex. The old server could no longer handle the increased traffic. You also probably already noticed that PentaxRumors is now a “secure” website (HTTPS) which is the industry’s standard. A lot of other changes were also introduced on the back end […]

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Top 10 PentaxRumors posts for March 2017

         These are the top 10 most visited PentaxRumors posts for March 2017:

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Ricoh Imaging sales are roughly half those of Leica

Some interesting research done by a reader (thanks Mistral75): In the 1960s and 1970s Asahi Optical was bigger than Canon and Nikon together Today, Ricoh Imaging sales (= Pentax + Ricoh Theta, GR and WG sales) are roughly half those of Leica. This information is not exactly confidential nor something I have made up but the […]

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Pentax camera image stabilization demo

Here is a Pentax camera image stabilization video demo taken by a reader at the 2017 CP+ show (thanks

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Ricoh/Pentax booth at the 2017 CP+ show

Some pictures from the Ricoh/Pentax booth at the 2017 CP+ show in Japan courtesy of

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Ricoh booth at the 2017 CP+ show in Japan

Here are the first pictures of the Ricoh booth at the 2017 CP+ show in Japan:

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Two new Pentax history posters released

There are two new Pentax history posters currently available as a free download: Pentax archives poster Pentax SLR cameras 1952-2017 Thanks for the tip Markus!

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