More on the Pentax 09 telephoto macro a.k.a. smc Pentax Macro 20mm f/2.8 lens

This is an update on the Pentax Q 09 telephoto macro lens story from last month:

The source is Kimio Tanaka’s blog, summarized by PentaxForums member JPT:

  • He apologizes for not having followed up his posts with pictures sooner.
  • Some people suggested Ricoh must have got angry with him, but nothing was said to him at all.
  • The name of the lens is smc PENTAX MACRO 20mmf /2.8, and that is the inscription on the lens.
  • He doesn’t know much detail about the technical specs of the lens and his comments are just from his impression of using the lens.
  • It’s a 20mm lens, which works out equivalent to a 92mm macro in 35mm film equivalent terms when mounted on the Q-S1 or Q7.
  • Working distance is 8cm.
  • Length is 50mm; weight is 70g. It’s lighter than it looks.
  • AF is fast.
  • It’s normal for prototype lenses from all makers to be very good, and this lens is good as you would expect.
  • The only slight weakness he has perceived is a tendency to flare a little.

And some info from Mistral75:

  • The lens is a macro lens in the sense that its maximum magnification is 1:1 “in terms of 35mm format”.
  • At the minimum focusing distance, which is around 14 to 15cm, Tanaka says the coverage is around 25 x 36mm. Hence the actual maximum magnification is around 1/4.6 or 0.22x.
  • Ricoh is still thinking about what to do with the lens, so stay tuned for more.

Test chart, taken at F2.8 and ISO 160 can be found here.

Picture source: Twitter

Update: two new pictures of the lens published by Kimio Tanaka on Twitter:

One more picture taken with the lens can be found here (see also this post).

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  • TinusVerdino

    So there is a lens but no new camera. Problems problems…

  • the

    If this one can be cheap enough, I will buy one for my Q7.

  • Mistral75

    Part two of Kimio Tanaka’s review of the 09 Telephoto Macro prototype lens is online:

    Content: additional flattering comments on the performance of the lens together with an history of its development and the various announcements related to it, beginning with the mock-up presented at CP+ 2014. The end of the post includes an incentive for the reader to ask Ricoh that the lens be brought to market.

  • Mistral75

    Two new pictures of the lens published by Kimio Tanaka on Twitter:

    One taken with the lens, published on his blog:

    • Thanks, I will update my post.

  • Mistral75

    Reference being made to part 2 of Kimio Tanaka’s review of the 09 Telephoto Macro prototype lens:

    the following is a translation of the last two paragraphs made by Pentax Forums member kwb:

    In the last two paragraphs Tanaka-san wonders if RICOH could put the lens into production in such a way that they don’t incur financial loss, e.g. manufacture to pre-order, production for a certain time window or limited number, even with a high price tag.

    He goes on to say that there’s no way RICOH listens to a wish of one person (himself), but wonders if influential PENTAX retailers like Yaotomi could get enough buyers and talk to RICOH. Apparently he thinks that the relationship between Yaotomi and RICOH is healthy enough that something like this isn’t really out of question.


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