Pentax Q 09 telephoto macro lens

A new strange rumor about the Pentax 09 Telephoto Macro lens surfaced online from the Japanese photographer Kimio Tanaka:


“The lens I’m currently testing. It’s small, it’s light, autofocus is fast and the pictures are superb at both macro and infinity positions. The specs and stuff are awesome. Young people, don’t give up hope yet. Keep it up Pentax.”

and his other comments further down:

“Oh, I forgot to mention I borrowed this lens from abroad. Ricoh don’t know about this at all. Just in case.”

“Ricoh didn’t explicitly say that the Q series was discontinued nor that they had terminated the development of TELEPHOTO MACRO. Unfortunately, the situation is rather heading towards the ‘minus’ side.But here, there is the possibility to reverse the trend towards the ‘plus’ side if everyone stands up and cheers. So I won’t give up and I will acclaim.”

Kimio Tanaka is a well-known photographer in Japan who has often been involved with Ricoh Imaging / Pentax events and promotions, such as giving a lecture on the K-1 on the Ricoh Imaging stage at CP+ 2016. The page dedicated to KP on the Japanese Ricoh Imaging website includes his review of the camera and two pictures of him:

Kimio Tanaka had also this comment on his blog the day following the issue of the devastating report from Nikkei on Ricoh’s plans about Ricoh Imaging:

“The other day, there was a report that Ricoh would stop producing cameras for the general public. Reading it, I did not even care (I thought it had to be fake, it was pretty exaggerated, unthoughtful information) (I was making a big noise when I saw the net).

I have asked Ricoh about the development of the successor to the K-3 II and interchangeable lenses, and about the next model of the GR that they said is the closest to commercialization. It is unbelievable they would quit.”

Via Digicame-info + additional info from Mistral75

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  • Zos Xavius

    Makes no sense really. Why discontinue the Q in the west before finally releasing a long awaited lens? If it ever sees retail form this is probably the last hurrah for the Q unless they release a new body or something. The wide angle zoom looked pretty decent really, but at $500 or so, it just didn’t make much sense really. Just waiting for the Q to become nearly worthless so I can pick up a couple because it would be kind of fun to have one. You can get a GM5 with an EVF for not much money these days and its not really any bigger than the Q. The lenses are a bit bigger though. If they had gone with a 1″ sensor I think it might have had more of a chance.

    • ZMWT

      Most likely the lens is not coming out. The idle photographer from the story wishes it to come, but the entire Q concept today does not fits the recent strategy of Ricoh imaging. Once ago, they had a motto “we make cameras that are always with you” and then they changed it to a much more plausible “High value-added products”. It is K over Q.
      And you are right; today’s m4/3 blows the socks off the Q concept. Panasonic alone invested 20x more in m4/3 than Ricoh Imaging in all its lines.

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