Pentax Q system no longer listed on Ricoh Imaging US website

The whole Pentax Q system (including cameras, lenses, roadmaps) has been removed from the Ricoh Imaging’s US website (in both the English and Spanish versions):

The Pentax Q-S1, Q-mount lenses and Q-mount roadmap are still shown on the Japanese website (both the Japanese and English versions) but so is the Ricoh GXR which has been discontinued for a while:

In an interview at Photokina last year, Ricoh representatives confirmed that the Pentax Q mirrorless camera line is alive and will continue to be developed.

The Pentax Q-S1 camera was pulled out of production in May last year but it is still available for sale in the US.

Ricoh is rumored to introduce a new mirrorless system in 2017.

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  • ZMWT

    “Ricoh is rumored to introduce a new mirrorless system in 2017.”

    Exactly what we need — why would every company have a pointless mirrorless system and Ricoh had none? So they kill one pointless mirrorless system (Pentax Q) and introduce another pointless one, with maybe Ricoh’s name on it. Will they kill that new one in 6 years too?

    • Licheus

      Ricoh is known to produce quirky cameras since Riken time, and as a result, they have a niche lineup. Since we’re not expecting THEM to save the world with The Ultimate Camera That Satisfies Everyone, what’s wrong with them going down their own road?

      The GXR system is fun enough. I’d wait and see what those weirdos would come up with next.

      • audio

        Yes, me too. The next GR iteration will be big again.
        It really is fun having sigma and ricoh around bringing fresh ideas out to us.

    • El Aura

      If the camera systems with the market share of the Sony E-mount (even only the APS-C part), the Canon M, and m43 are pointless systems, then all Pentax systems are pointless (except maybe their MF system which probably would be pointless following this logic based on its absolute sales).

      So, what was your point?

  • TinusVerdino

    US website is not leading. As long as it is on it is not officially discontinued.

    • SimenO

      No surprise that the worlds most “bigger is better”-country discontinues the smallest series. The rest of the world understands better that large have some disadvantages too. I think Q deserves its place in a versatile lineup. Although I would like top upgrade mine to one with EVF.

      • Aekn

        You should see the Pentax Texas website. All it shows is the 645z and K-1. 😉

        • SimenO

          Really? They removed the 67II and the 6×7 800mm f/4? :p

    • Mistral75

      > As long as it is on it is not officially discontinued.

      Then the GXR isn’t officially discontinued either:


      • TinusVerdino

        I guess it’s somebodies baby

  • Frank

    Na, na, na, na.
    Na, na, na, na.
    Hey, hey, hey, goodbye!

  • Zos Xavius

    The Q was basically the digital equivalent of the Auto 110. Both had short lifespans and I think this was realized from the start. The dominance of 1″ sensors on the market now where only high end enthusiast cameras have any traction has made the Q obsolete essentially. I say this as a Q fan. I myself never bought one but I always wanted to because that 70-200 equivalent zoom was so damned cute. I think pretty much all the 1/1.7″ camera lines are dead now. The Q7, MX-1, and XZ-2 were the last ones really and that was a few years ago.

    • Spy Black

      I never realized it was a 1/1.7 sensor size camera. I always thought it was 1/2.3. A 1/1.7 sensor isn’t all that horrible, I get decent IQ from my Nikon P340, and I got even better IQ from my now dead Canon S110. However now that this is discontinued, they’ll probably be some great fire sales on it, may be worth having this little sucker around for fun.

      • Zos Xavius

        It is, and quality is actually really good considering the size and diffraction limits. Up to 800/1600 is pretty usable. Its 12mp, though a 12mp m4/3 camera will easily outresolve it in comparison.

      • Dmitry Anisimov

        The first Q and Q10 had 1/2.3″ sensor, Q7 and Q-S1 had 1/1.7″ sensor

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