Pentax 645D camera listed as discontinued

Pentax 645D medium fomat camera-1
The Pentax 645D medium format camera is listed as discontinued at B&H (the last price was $3,399 back in January):

Adorama and Amazon still have the 645D in stock.

The Pentax 645Z is currently listed for $6,996.95.

A new Pentax medium format camera with a 100MP sensor is rumored to be announced at Photokina this year (September).

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  • waterengineer

    I guess they finally sold all of them.

    • 24×36

      In the immortal words of Meatloaf – “You took the words right outta my mouth.”

  • SimenO

    I wonder when the 645Z will fall down to 645D prices and be replaced by a FF645 camera. And when a Pentax D-FA 645 f/2.0 lens will be launched.

  • Shaepour

    call me whatever you like, but among digital MF cameras under 50MP in resolution, Pentax 645D is the best, especially for its competitive price and in particular when its price dropped that low!

    and it dropped mainly because Nikon came up with a 36MP FF camera, which is great of course and lower in price too but the madding crowd out there dropped this fabulous camera in favor of the Nikon although the latter’s image quality is not as good as the Pentax! (YES: it’s not! check out test results on both and you’ll see! even among the Nikon FF cameras, it’s the Nikon D4 with a 16MP sensor that gives the true quality expected of such a sensor size, not the D800 …)

    i’ve never used a Pentax 645D personally (i dig it with an aching heart though!) but seeing tests by others, its results in terms of image quality far surpasses that of the 645Z and quite a number of other ‘noisy’ MF cameras by all others, even Phase One and Hasselblad … and that’s because 645D still uses that great Kodak CCD sensor vs the CMOS used in 645Z and others … yes, i know CCD is slow and suffers from certain limitations, but this camera was not designed for action photography in the first place, was it?

    i’d still go for the 645D if i could afford it and if i were lucky enough to find an unused one, maybe even two or more … it’s the type of camera that can serve quite a number of jobs and projects well for another decade at least …

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