Ricoh WG-M1 and Pentax Q-S1 no longer in production

The Japanese store Yaotomi Camera twitted that the Ricoh WG-M1 (replaced by the WG-M2) and the Pentax Q-S1 cameras are no longer in production:

Via Digicame-info

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  • Cynog

    I hope this doesn’t signal the end of the Q system. I’m still hoping for one with an EVF.

    • BdV

      I wouldn’t mind if this means they’re replacing the Q with an apsc mirrorless system.

  • TinusVerdino

    new Q down the line? With bt or wifi? The WG-M2 is already here.

    • JGoodard

      New Q with 1″ sensor coming? Ricoh reported to have something in the pipeline. Interesting.

      • TinusVerdino

        Somebody on Pentaxforums heard a German representative say the Q-line will no longer be supported. That would mean discontinuation.

        No news yet on wether there will be a replacement (maybe a new 1″ line.)

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