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Updated Pentax lens roadmaps

In addition to the Pentax K-mount roadmap, Ricoh also updated the Q-mount lens roadmap and the previously scheduled telephoto macro lens is no longer listed (it was in the 2016 version of the roadmap) – this pretty much means the Pentax Q system is now gone: The 645 lens roadmap is unchanged:

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Pentax Q system no longer listed on Ricoh Imaging US website

The whole Pentax Q system (including cameras, lenses, roadmaps) has been removed from the Ricoh Imaging’s US website (in both the English and Spanish versions): Ricoh Imaging US cameras Ricoh Imaging US lenses The Pentax Q-S1, Q-mount lenses and Q-mount roadmap are still shown on the Japanese website (both the Japanese and English versions) but […]

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Ricoh/Pentax interview at Photokina 2016

      Pentaxforums published their interview with Ricoh at the 2016 Photokina show. Some key points from the interview:

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Ricoh WG-M1 and Pentax Q-S1 no longer in production

The Japanese store Yaotomi Camera twitted that the Ricoh WG-M1 (replaced by the WG-M2) and the Pentax Q-S1 cameras are no longer in production:

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New Ricoh patent for a Pentax Q 4.2mm f/1.8 lens

  Ricoh has filed a new patent in Japan for a 4.2mm f/1.8 lens calculated for a 1/1.7″ sensor (23mm equivalent for Q and D10 and 19mm for the Q7). This lens is most likely designed for the Pentax Q mirrorless camera system. If true, this means that Ricoh/Pentax have not abandon the Q system. The last […]

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