Ricoh lost 10 billion yen, will revise downward forecast, planning to expand Theta

Ricoh lost 10 billion yen and will revise downward their financial forecast (Google translated):

Ricoh Co., Ltd. announced that it will revise downward forecasts for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2007 on April 11. Approximately 10 billion yen (over 90 million USD) is recorded as impairment loss. Because we can not anticipate expected profits in the digital camera business.

Ricoh said that their Theta product line is doing very well (still in the top ten best-selling digital cameras on Amazon) and the company is planning to expand this business:

Regarding RICOH THETA, it is said that it is a market leader in the rapidly growing VR · AR market, and it is planned to expand business. In addition, we declared the expansion and development of the imaging business, making use of camera technology to the BtoB market.

Ricoh also announced a restructuring plan, something that has already been done by other companies like Panasonic and Nikon.

Here is a breakdown of Ricoh’s business divisions:

  • Office equipment: 88.2%
  • Industry field: 6.4%
  • Other: 5.4% (the digital camera business is included in this “other” category)

Via DC.Watch

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  • Franko

    get nuts and start a mirrorless camera .. use the x mount from fuji.. like rumored before…
    stop with theta S bullshit. it is useless..

    • ZMWT

      No one needs a new mount. There isn’t enough demand for it in already saturated market. New Ricoh management came because Ricoh had issues with their core business, office equipment and copiers, and now in panic look at all things around, and repurposing them.

  • how will this effect Pentax cameras I ask

    • Kunzite

      Who knows?
      For now, the K-3 II successor seems to be in the works, and also a new GR; the new lenses in the roadmap being released at a snail’s pace.

  • Robert Zigo

    I think you should focus on new lenses for your DSLRs somewhere between 400-650 dollars like canon´s EF 85 1.8 usm or 70-200 4L usm (just for example) to be closer to new users. For example lesnes for portraits. Many newbies are choosing Canikon because of much cheaper and still great quality lenses (fast primes 1.8). Your limiteds like 31,43, 77 are great but they are old. There is no newbie who wants to pay so much for it. For example the 77 is a little noisy and has strange aberration – still it is great but old and realy expensive lens compared to the lenses of other companies. Its price is somwhere about 1k euro here in Slovakia. I think it will be better to be more “new user, amateur” friendly. Yes it is nice to have profi lenses for profi photographers like 70-200 2.8 and announced 50 1.4 and 85 1.4 (yes we have 50 1.8, okay). But there is missing something between.

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    Well that would be one seriously shortsighted move.
    Theta did well because it was one of the first 360 cameras people could buy.

    Now everyone that wanted one has one and isn’t going to buy a second one.

  • Lightleak_101

    I wish they would hurry up and release a new GR digital with 24MP sensor or one with a FF sensor! Make a GR Digital interchangeable lens camera too while your at it!

  • Ron Hendriks

    I wrote this last august on a forum…
    No idea what can be sold in the future, but concentrate on less models would be smart.
    – K-mount full frame, one model (K-1)
    – K-mount aps-c, one model (light weight model, but more advanced then K-70)
    – 645 mount, one model.
    – P&S when there is a market for GR (update with 24mp)
    – Theta line, more models, each one for consumer, prosumer and professional.

    I think that basicly that would be it. I think that there isn’t much market for a heavy magnesium-alloy aps-c model like K-3ii between K-1 and the lower tier now K-70. Just the K-70 is to much old tech with af-module from K-5ii and metering from K-7. Pentax doesn’t fill mass market, so offering anything for hi volume sales would fail. K-70 is to expensive for what it is.[/QUOTE]

    That aps-c model be came the KP. So just waiting until all other models sold out, since there are plenty around.

  • Captain Megaton

    They revised the forecast downwards because they not anticipate the camera division making money. They will concentrate resources on GR/Pentax high value added products.

    That’s what the source article says anyway.

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