Pentax lens roadmaps not yet updated

I have not seen Ricoh presenting any new Pentax lens roadmaps at the 2016 Photokina show. If anyone has seen updated versions, please email me. Here are the last known Pentax lens roadmaps from few months ago:

Pentax-K-mount-D-FA-lens-roadmap-2016 Pentax-645-mount-lens-roadmap-2016 Pentax-Q-mount-lens-roadmap-2016

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  • Mistral75

    According to ePHOTOzine “Ricoh Imaging has shared its lens roadmaps with those visiting Photokina–29957

    but, when you look at these roadmaps, you can see there is nothing new. They are still dated February 2016 save for the first one, dated June 2016 since it was updated after the launch of HD Pentax-DA 55-300mm f/4.5-6.3ED PLM WR RE.

    • Yes, those are the old roadmaps. I could not find updated versions.

  • TinusVerdino

    just keep CTRL-F5ing

  • SimenO

    Latest news, hold your breath, NOTHING happened! Please tip us of anything new to write about.

  • DG

    I’d love to get a Pentax K1 to use with all my old glass as I love Pentax but I don’t want to invest almost 2000 dollars into a camera that may come with horrible customer service and from a company that may not be around in a few years. I know that sounds crazy but just how I feel. This is where digital wise I lean toward getting a Canon or Nikon because they will continue.

  • Mato

    Maybe time to sell my K-1 after all. IQ is spectacular with the 77/1.8 Ltd. but where are the other lenses? The 24-70/2.8 is OK but heavy; the 31/1.8 Ltd is OK but produces cyan fringing along high contrast edges. The 43/1.9 Ltd sings at f4-f5.6 but not sharp fully open. Other old lenses not worth the bother and no Sigma Art for PK in sight (they would scratch the body, anyway…). Even thought of Leitaxing some Leica-R glass but it’s gotten too expensive and the ergonomics (lack of AF, no auto aperture) are not worth it in the end. A bit disappointing, because the body / sensor are really good.

    • TinusVerdino

      You should buy a new camera every half year like a real pro or your photography will suffer. You never should have bought a Pentax because you KNEW their lens line up. Stupid decision. Quick, get the A99 II or the 5D MK IV!

      • Mato

        You enjoy being an asshole, don’t you, Tinus. Lurking on every thread and making useless comments. For the record, I use several camera systems and my photography doesn’t suffer one way or the other. Not attracted to your suggested choices, either. I bought the K-1 because I liked what they did with the K-3/K-5: small size, weather proof, good lenses. Made great images with the K-3 and an old F*300/4.5 in Africa two years ago. Perhaps thought that one should support them when the Pentax guys are doing something positive; perhaps a bit of nostalgia, having loved the LX in the past. But they are shooting themselves in the foot if they can’t update the limited lenses – the market is running away from them. I still think there is a market niche for a high performing system where the lenses are more compact than the Otus/Art variety. For my purposes, I don’t care – I can buy any camera/lens I want,… but I’d like Pentax to succeed.

        • TinusVerdino

          They are developing a new primes line up douchebag show off dickface

    • Kunzite

      Were you expecting Ricoh Imaging to complete the D FA lens line few months after having the camera?

      We will get some primes: – but those were never scheduled for this Photokina.

    • kenspo

      Hahahahaha!!! Did Ricoh ever promises new lenses for 2016? The roadmap was there in February. It says “2017 or Later”.

      2017 will be much fun.

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