More Pentax KP pictures

Additional pictures of the Pentax KP DSLR camera leaked online – the official announcement is on KJanuary 26th:

Some more pictures of the new Pentax D-BG7 battery grip:

and the three different grip sizes (small, medium and large):

Via Nokishita, Digicame-info

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  • ThePatriotMuckraker

    It looks like a plastic camera, regardless if it is a metal. lol. If this is the k-3II replacement then get the K-3II before it’s gone. So far the specs seem like a marginal improvement to the K-3II. Ricoh basically said screw you to pentax users as it tries to be Fuji. They gave us the opposite of what we wanted. This stupid looking camera has 5 dials! How many do you need? It is “dial mania.”

    • I’ve got K1 and 4 dials is good idea 5th one is for customing 3rd one. What I need to get is lock on 5th button. FX buttons are very nice set.

      • ThePatriotMuckraker

        Front flush dial is useless. It is less functional than the K-7/5/3 arrangement. Traditionally the index finger and thumb had a control wheel. That arrangement was perfect.

        • To be honest I prefer to answer after I take camera in my hands. So no hard statement about ergonomic before that 🙂

    • Cynog

      It’s not the K-3 II replacement. The wheel on the front is reminiscent of the one on the Df (which I have): it’s not as good as the normal scroll wheel, but perfectly usable. I assume Ricoh did it this way to accommodate the interchangeable grips.

  • Richard Jackson

    Pentax, solving problems no one has, and delivering products no one is asking for, since Ricoh.

    Does the SR work in video mode again yet? Last seen on the K-5 series years ago, and has the video bit rate moved since 2012’s K-01 and K-30 offerings? Is that a touchscreen? Can it track a toddler walking towards the camera? Is there any option for eye focus in live view now?

    • Daedbird

      Look – no mic, headphone ports, no Liveview button, no video toggle – this thing does not do video.

      • Daedbird

        Oh wait, they are hidden on top….so it does video, but no headphone jack

        • Athanasius Kirchner

          Could be on the grip, a la Fuji X-T2. The grip holds an additional card, and that’s already interesting.

          • Zos Xavius

            no its not interesting. The grip has held an extra card since the k-7.


            My K10D holds an extra card in it’s grip, so it’s even older…

          • Daedbird

            And the K10 held the remote as well…

          • Athanasius Kirchner

            You’re right, my bad. Other camera grips don’t have that feature.

      • Richard Jackson

        Mic in is on the left hand side.

    • Cesar Gabriel

      Seriously, wait til you see official specs before you bad mouth a product. If it’s not for you, it will be for someone else.

      • Richard Jackson

        Very happy to be proven wrong on the above. I want to upgrade my two older Pentax DSLRs, but they haven’t produced anything along the lines of what I’m after in many years unfortunately.


        Does the SR work in video mode again yet? Last seen on the K-5 series years ago, and has the video bit rate moved since 2012’s K-01 and K-30 offerings? Is that a touchscreen? Can it track a toddler walking towards the camera? Is there any option for eye focus in live view now?

        • Cesar Gabriel

          OK, Specs are out. Bash on. I may actually join you.

          • Richard Jackson

            Not much to say really. Reads like any other recent Pentax, just in a different body and with a high price.

            Still 5 year old video specs and no real mechanical sensor stabilisation during recording. That means shitty low bitrate, no 4k and no focus peaking during video recording.

  • Daedbird

    So, did Ricoh say “lets play with our button layout again, and take away the headphone port…thats great

  • Joel Schalit

    I’m appalled by the stupid comments. On the basis of physical appearance alone, you’ve destroyed what is probably a fine APSC. The aesthetics are not a dramatic departure and the refresh in body is welcome. Wait until the actual speccs are released before saying anything pretending to be informed,

  • Jim Mlodynia

    I read through some posts, it seems that few people clicked on the camera on this post, if they did they would see the switch on the top right side of the top plate to switch from camera to Live View and movie mode. I have a K10 D, a Kr and a k5ii, I use all three and I was looking for a Aps-c version of the K1, and so far this is what I am looking for.

    • Ronnie MacLellan

      This looks like a successful fusion of the K-S2, K-3ii and K-1, all in a neat looking body. Judging by the comments below, it’s not for everyone; no camera is. But from the information released so far, I see a very desireable body – good parentage and a nice step forward. Well done Ricoh.

  • Spy Black

    I wonder if you can use it with no grip at all? Strange concept, those grip options, and unless they deliberately retouched the grips in the photos to look obvious, they don’t look like they integrate into the body design at all.

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    Without any grip attachments, this camera will be the thinnest bodied DSLR ever. See where Pentax is going with this KP? However, leaving that fugly hump and a half on an otherwise overall clean design to accommodate for the aperture mechanism or whatever other reason they are for strikes me as either the engineering dept. not finishing their homework or the bean counters making the poor engineers’ lives miserable, and the silver finish actually makes this design flaw more obvious!

  • ZMWT

    A rather brilliant design; it blend best of Pentax digital and analog DNA. This camera will be a dream to operate from all angles, esp using multifunctional buttons. Definitely made to supplement Pentax DA line of superb limited lenses, something users asked for quite some time. Pentax is the king of DSLR design, and this beauty won’t disappoint. I may get two of these…

  • ZMWT

    As for derisive and ignorant comments below, boys, stick to your squeaky toys and plush teddies. That’s your limit. Leave DSLRs for grown up men.

  • Andrew Munster The design is based on Pentax’s first and the Japanese first SLR the pentax AP

  • Matz Chase

    Oh look, it’s not pretty, wah wah wah……How dare you Pentax not releasing a camera that works great but doesn’t please MY eyes!

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