First picture of the Pentax KP DSLR camera

Here is the first picture of the rumored Pentax KP DSLR camera courtesy of the Chinese forum Xitek.

Nokishita also reported some additional information on the new Pentax KP – there will be 3 different grip sizes (small, medium and large):

  • Grip S O-GP167
  • Grip M O-GP1671
  • Grip L O-GP1672

A new AC adapter K-AC167J and D-BG7 battery grip will also be introduced.

The rumored selling price for the Pentax KP in the UK is £1,099 (around $1,350$ or €1,270).

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  • TinusVerdino

    Much more pics on Nokishita. This is the K-s1 exercise all over. Have they learned nothing? Making a dslr look like a mirrorless detracts from it’s functionality and ease of use.

  • Good grief – the K5/K3 design was amazing, timeless. I thought Pentax would have learnt a lesson about design experimentation with the K-01 and K-S1, but somehow they still decided to botch this up …

    • ThePatriotMuckraker

      Agreed. If this is the K-3II replacement it is a disaster on multiple levels. Whomever thought it was a good idea to replace a DSLR style grip with a retro one should be fired. This whole chase the “retro” look has gone too, too far. I’m coining a new phrase: “retro pretension.” If this camera sits below a K-3II replacement then I can understand the quirkiness. All pentaxians want is a better K-3II. Done.

    • PiDicus Rex

      I don’t mind the look of this one in all-black, but yeah, on-point with the K-01 and K-s1 lessons.
      And I say that as a K-01 owner.

  • Daedbird

    This is a still-only camera…who in the Ricoh offices looked at the dF and say “we can do that, with an APSc sensor, and better”

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