Updated 2016 Pentax K, 645 and Q lens roadmap

Here is the full set of five new and updated Pentax K, 645 and Q lens roadmaps for 2016:

Pentax K mount lens roadmap 2016:


Pentax K mount D FA lens roadmap 2016:


Pentax K mount lens compatibility with 35mm full frame format:


Pentax 645 mount lens roadmap 2016:


Pentax Q mount lens roadmap 2016:


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  • VanHoff

    Yay!! Nice to see all this beautiful gear near to be in our hands but…. the question remains: What can I do different with Pentax gear that I cannot do better with my current system… and what can do Pentax to improve my photography at all?

    • Spy Black

      “What can I do different with Pentax gear that I cannot do better with my current system…”

      What are you doing now with your current system?

      “…and what can do Pentax to improve my photography at all?”

      I’m afraid that’s a big zero dude. You’ll have to look inside yourself for that.

      • VanHoff

        It was in a rethorical sense, I wasn’t asking for help, I am in love with my D810 and Nikkor lenses.

        • BP2012

          Well then stop with rethorical trolling bullshit and fuck off to nikon rumors.

          p.s. Yes, you can do a lot of things equally good and even better for a lot less money.

        • Route 75

          Well what about the other way around: What can I do different with Nikon gear that I cannot do better with my current system? 0.0

          And and what can do Nikon to improve my photography at all? 😛

        • SimenO

          Now as I know one part of your system I can start to do the forbidden, answer a rhetorical question. Why? While I don’t know how YOU use your camera, I can answer for other readers, what they can do with the K-1, witch they cant with the D810. Be prepared, the list is long.

          – Get image stabilization with all you fast primes. Even the f/1,4 or faster ones, Zeiss lenses, tilt shift lenses, fine wide angles and even pinholes if thats your thing. While more useful on some lenses, its still a positive thing for those where stabilization is less important.
          – Pixel shift real resolution. I guess resolution was one of the reasons you bought the D810. PSRR does this even better.
          – Buy a really nice lens. Yes, you can do that with the price difference. Of if you don’t need more lenses, you can travel the world for a couple of weeks for that money. Do a safari or something.
          – Tilt the screen. Makes it far less awkward to get those nice close to the ground images.
          – All your images in lightroom will find its place on the map automatically. Without the need for some bulky external gear.
          – Get the most fantastic starscapes with ease. No need to buy a special astronomical tripod with tracking to avoid star tracking. And just as easy the other way around, just choose the long exposure star trail effect if you want it.
          – Speaking of starscapes, you don’t need to search for your
          flashlight in the dark or having an extra hand for it. Changing lenses
          is a swift in the dark with the camera lighting.
          – I forgot to mention, you will get better stabilization (5 axis, 5 stops) then with any of your Nikon lenses.
          – Horizon correction. No matter how precise you hold the camera, precision beyond 1 degree is just luck. With the K-1 you always get consistent levelling and no need to correct and crop accordingly in post processing. This saves yet another post processing job.

          – DNG straight from the camera. No need to convert it in lightroom. Saves yet another post processing step. And if you have a brand new camera you dont need to wait months until your favourite PP software starts to support it.
          – Speaking of post processing, you don’t need to hassle with an external bulky Wifi-dongle or wires to transfer files to the PC. You can even do wireless thetering that way and remote control the camera. Without the need for yet another external device.
          – Try to find a lightweight portrait lens for Nikon. With the Pentax FA77mm f/1,8 you have the perfect lightweight combination.
          – Speaking of lenses, if you like architecture photography, turn all your sharp nice lenses into shift lenses for perspective correction.
          – Make 4K timelapses straight from the camera. Again something that saves boring post processing.

          – Less time used on post processing behind your screen gives you more time to focus on photographing on site.

          .. just to mention some of the real world useful advantages. An alternative is to just ignore all advantages and stay ignorant. Maybe to keep up the pride after spending so much more money on a system that can’t do all the above.

          • VanHoff

            Now, that’s the answer I was hoping for!

            Thank you for taking your time to write all this, I just wanted somebody to clarify what Pentax marketing goes around, and what they give for an obvious thing among their customers and curious potential buyers about the K-1 and its respective system.

  • Route 75

    “Large Aperture medium telephoto single focus lens” … I hope it’s 85mm at f/1.8 or f/1.4 … Perhaps a re-design of the FA* 85mm f/1.4???

    And that “wide angle single-focus lens” had better be a good 35mm f/1.8 or f/1.4 (which we are still lacking)

    • Mistral75

      I’m afraid the so-called Wide-Angle Single Focus Lens will rather be a 28mm f/2.8.

      • Route 75

        Meh. I use the old MF 28mm f/2.8 so a new model wouldn’t be bad… But I want a 35! We haven’t had a good 35mm in a while!

        • TinusVerdino

          The DA 35mm F2.4 has a FF image circle and there is the FA 35m F2 and if you want a really good one the Sigma 35mm F1.4 is available in K-mount.

          • Route 75

            Yes but weather sealing is extremely important to me so a native Pentax lens in AW or WR form is always better than other options.

          • TinusVerdino

            But are you willing to pay $2000 for a weather sealed 35mm F1.4 (that’s what they cost @canonikon).

          • Route 75

            Well Pentax is almost always cheaper than the Canikon competition so I doubt it would cost that much.

          • TinusVerdino

            Well maybe it will look suspiciously like the Tamron 35mm 1.8

          • Mad Maxxum

            They’re probably all re-badged Tamrons.

          • Kunzite

            “Probably”? Just because 2 out of the 5 new D FA lenses are rebadged Tamrons?
            Btw: I’m quite certain that the fisheye zoom is not a Tamron, since Tamron didn’t had such products – Pentax had/have.

          • SimenO

            Who cares what factory they came from? The important part is whether its a good lens or not and if its worth the price. And of course that it fits my camera of choice.

  • El Aura

    The Pentax 645 system must be the MF system with the most zoom lenses (or even after controlling for total number of lenses, the MF system with the highest zoom to prime ratio).

  • Hardcore_Fanboy

    i can NOT SEE numbers on these small pictures… is it secret leak or is there a link so I cean really see what lenses, what mm and f-stops are there ?

    • Sorry about that, the links were broken – you can click on the pictures now for bigger view.

  • filippo fortis

    why pentax? why there are no plans for 645 leaf shutter lenses????

  • preston

    Why did they discontinue the 25mm f/4 for the 645? The point of publishing roadmaps is to give confidence to current and potential customers that you are working hard to make the system better. But then discontinuing a very useful focal length without notice does the opposite of that.

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