Pentax K-1 at the CP+ show

Pentax K-1 at CP+ show Pentax K-1 at CP+ show 3 Pentax K-1 at CP+ show 2 Pentax K-1 at CP+ show 4
Richard Haw has a write-up on his visit to the Ricoh/Pentax booth at the CP+ show in Japan.

Pentax K-1 videos from the CP+ show in Japan:

Other recent Pentax K-1 hands-on videos:

Check out how tough the new LCD screen design of the Pentax K-1 camera is:

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  • 24×36

    Oh come on…put the grip on the K-1 before you do the “side by side” with a D4.

    • Cynog

      But you can’t have a D4 without a grip, but I agree, a D810 would be a better comparison.

      • Spy Black,557

        • man, Pentax did a great job with the size. It is just in between the K3 and D810 in size.

  • 1741

    Can I have the D4 when you’ve done with it please 🙂

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