Pentax 645Z medium format camera cutaway

Pentax 645Z medium format digital camera cutaway
This is how the $7,000 Pentax 645Z medium format digital camera looks like on the inside (picture taken at the 2015 CP+ show in Japan, image credit: Morio via Petapixel). More Pentax cutaway cameras can be found here.

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  • waterengineer

    You cannot buy that “camera”, new, for $7,000US. The body, yes. The body + lens to make a “camera,” no.

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    Would this hurt the weather sealing?

  • TheRealestInDaHood

    represents them cutting their losses

  • Jonathan Delano

    Cool picture. Always wonder who cuts these cameras in half. I’ve asked Canon, Nikon, Zeiss & Sony reps at the trade shows about these cutaways and they all won’t say who or how it is done. Apparently a trade secret and not just a simple cut.

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