Ricoh’s patent for contrast AF by the AE sensor

Ricoh patent for contrast AF by the AE sensor Pentax
Ricoh filed a patent for contrast AF by the AE sensor in order to achieve accurate AF without using live view. Additional information available at Egami (Google translation).

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  • TinusVerdino

    Would be nice if it is calibrated right. Contrast AF is so accurate because it is on the actual sensor. The light metering sensor is in a different spot. Just like manual focussing in the OVF. If it isn’t calibrated right your focus will be off despite it looking sharp in the VF.

    • Glorfindelrb

      Yes add an auto fine ajustement on a tripod and it’s a simple and clever way to improve af.

  • That’s an interesting way to augment the PDAF system. The RGB metering sensor needs to have enough resolution for this to be reasonably accurate, though. The current RGB metering sensor in high-end Pentax DSLRs is 360×240 which likely isn’t enough for accurate CDAF.

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