Pentax K-1 full frame DSLR camera rumored to be announced on February 18th

Pentax K-1 full frame DSLR camera rumors
The Pentax K-1 full frame DSLR camera is rumored to be announced on February 18th, 2016 according to a comment from a good source on Pentaxforums. Some of the previously reported rumors point to a 36MP sensor, no 4k video and SR (Super-Resolution) mode in the K-1.

Update: the price is rumored to be between €1,999 and €2,300.

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  • Ron Hendriks

    Super Resolution? While other models use SR for Shake Reduction!

  • This makes no sense if it has the old Sony 36mp sensor from the d800 or D810. It needed the 42mp sensor to be relevant.

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      those 6 extra megapixels aren’t going to be doing much.
      I would gladly give them up for a deeper buffer and a cleaner output

    • J.Coi

      This difference in linear resolution is 8% only. It can be a new iteration of Sony 36MP (like D810 after D800E change).

    • Zos Xavius

      In addition to covering comics you must be a real comedian.

    • Spy Black

      How the camera will process the data is more important. Pentax has been very good at getting exceptional image quality out of Sony sensors. Both Pentax and Nikon get better image quality out of Sony sensors than Sony themselves.

    • markz

      6 MP difference is barely noticeable even at 20MP. its not even enough for bragging to your mates at the pub about.
      now if you were comparing it to a 72MP camera you can say “OK I can print twice the (area) size to a 36MP camera at the same DPI … think about an A3’s v’s an A4 sheet and that’s significant.

      But 36 V’s 43? that’s almost like looking at A4 V’s US Letter – barely noticeable

    • Every reply I agree with based on the size of 36 vs 42mp. I don’t say that just because its not 42mp, Its that the 42mp sensor is just a better sensor. If its some sort of new 36mp sensor that Pentax can get more out of than say the D810, I would prefer 36mp. I don’t think that will be the case. I just think it will be an A7R sensor. The good thing about it, if it is a A7R sensor in the Pentax is… at least it will be in a camera and not just a plastic box.

    • sickheadache

      Remember Kids…Sony can produce a new Sensor. It can produce 46, 50, 60 and on and on. So Pentax picked the 36.3mp a proven Sony Sensor. Maybe it was a cheaper deal. Who Knows. But…If I am competing against other camera makers..I would want at least 50mp or more…

    • TinusVerdino

      Relevant tho whom? The Sony 42MP BSI-CMOS sensor has 42mp because it has to do uncropped 4K. Nu such need in a Pentax full frame, which is mainly a photographic tool. The D810 sensor has only one point less on DXO and has better DR which is important for photographers.

  • speedPhoenix

    Recently new Ricoh AF patent has been released, with the expectation to be used on the upcoming pentax fullframe.

    • Kunzite

      Whose expectation?

      Btw, the patent was published last year, it recently resurfaced on some forums. It’s one of the several interesting technologies which might – or might not – be included with the K-1.

      • speedPhoenix

        Of course mine 🙂
        Published or submitted ? Usually it take long time before the patent is surfaced on the net. It is promising thought, to see Pentax improving their AF capability. 36 Mpx is awesome, and if the rumour abt the price is correct that would be good deal.

        • Kunzite

          If you’re talking about the patent for correcting focus errors due to infrared light – which was recently mentioned by Asahi man on DPReview:

          Patent Publication No. 2015-172640
          Published 2015.10.1
          Filing date 2014.3.1

          There are IIRC 3 other AF-related patents published last year.

          • speedPhoenix

            Anything about AF patents will be implemented in Pentax FF camera body. I am quite certain about it.

    • Official sources said the killer feature for this model should have been the AF, “something that has never been seen before” or that kinda declarations.

      • Mistral75

        Official sources“, eh? And the killer feature “should have been” the autofocus, so isn’t the autofocus, is that it?

        • Yes. I shall find that article again in order to link it. And yes, should have been and could still be.

  • Originaru

    While as many said 42 vs 36 is not a big difference, and i agree, in terms of resolution, it seems that dynamic range acctually is increasing with higher resolution and seems that is not totally related to the sensor only technology but some second processing that gets refined with it and allows higher dynamic range processed. Canon seems to not be doing the same as sony, nikon, pentax and samsung. I think that in some way degrades color accuraccy of the sensor, but its all guessing. One thing is for sure more MP more DR.

  • 4k could have been a good feature at least for shutting up people complaining about video. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the 18th!

  • terorUSA

    Nikon should do something to compete. perhaps updated version of

    D750 would be welcome.

    • speedPhoenix

      Nikon has complete segmentation product Want something better than D750 ? Then buy D810. Pentax is releasing one product for all..

      • Lubos

        yes, I agree. However this Pentax looks like direct competition to D750 rather then to D810. will see. 🙂 or am I mistaken?

        • speedPhoenix

          Pentax aims the ‘pro’, surely Pentax FF can’t be compared to the clumsy body as such D750. In the next couple of weeks we will see the specs and etc.

          • nicolaie

            Pentax themselves have said that this product is going to be aimed at their remaining fan base, not as a direct competitor to the big boys. As far as the clumsy D750, I have one and it successfully replaced my D700 “pro” body, so ..

          • speedPhoenix

            Their user base is the reason to make this Pentax FF. Of course Ricoh aims to attract more Canikon shooters, they way Ricoh did with Medium Format. I know D750 is very capable machine, but Pentax fullframe will be above this class.

    • CHD

      Nikon should do something to compete?? Why? Until this Unicorn lands then FF Pentax is still a pipe-dream. In the meantime Nikon already has a huge camera slection for every segment of the DSLR crowd.

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    €2300, damn.
    Nikon and Canon should start pooping their pants about now

    • nicolaie

      The D750 is cheaper, so is the D610 and in the sales period, the D810 is 2200 euros in my country. The 6D mk2 is coming, a mirorless FF from canon is rumored, not to talk about the Sony line. It’s a complicated market and using a 2-5 year old sensor and no 4k isn’t going to make anyone poop their pants.

      • Jeffry De Meyer

        Here the d810 is €3300
        maybe there is some fishy UK overseas territory that is selling the d810 for 2200 or some swiss grey market that is selling them for that.

        But if that is the case the k1 will be priced at 1600 or something.

        If you want a DSLR at that level you are not looking at mirror less stuff and if Canon had anything groundbreaking up its sleeve ready for market they would have made a lot of noise about it already.

      • Imp

        6dmk2, another incremental upgrade. D610 is alright, D750 is fine, but this is supposed to be in competition with the D810/5dmkiii/iv cameras. In comparison to those, this price is really competitive! Assuming we know this is the price, of course. And its not a 2-5year old sensor, its the latest version of the Sony 36mp with improved DR… as people are saying on forums lol

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    If this thing is announced before February 18, I’ll change my avatar to a a full-face-and-topless version… That’s how sure I am…

  • TinusVerdino

    Official announcement written in arial over the pic that is already on the Pentax website? It’s just a guess and the specs are just guesswork too.

    • It’s a rumor coming from a good source, otherwise I would not post it here.

      • TinusVerdino

        A guy on a forum who sometimes talks to a shop owner

      • speedPhoenix

        I do believe this is not merely an instant photoshoped presentation. We will see lol…

    • jvossphoto

      Diffraction correction might be a landscaper’s dream.

      • TinusVerdino

        That’s in the k-3 already. Just a software trick. A more intelligent pixel shift mode would be more useful.

        • jvossphoto

          So is the super resolution by SR basically trickery too?

          • TinusVerdino

            You must be trolling me

          • jvossphoto

            Not at all just a little new to the digital age;^)

    • That slide is probably an internal working document and may be out of date. It looks like it was never meant to be seen by the public.

      • TinusVerdino

        Yeah that would be in Japanese and it wouldn’t use Sigma Foveon imagery.

        • Kunzite

          And it would be competently made, based on a standardized template. And it would present different pieces of information, differently.

      • Kunzite

        Come on, people! If that’s not an obvious fake, I have a dozen bridges to sell to you.
        And it’s so incompetently made, I don’t get how you could possibly think it’s an internal Ricoh Imaging document. At least the incredibly ugly styling and the Sigma Foveon used instead of taking a Pixel Shift Resolution from Pentax’ site should be clear giveaways.

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