CononMark adds studio flash support for Pentax cameras

The CononMark i6T EX and CononMark K4T battery-powered wireless studio flashes now support TTL and HSS (high-speed synchronization) with Pentax cameras.

For more information, visit the CononMark web site.

Via Lightingrumours

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  • Foamberg

    think for me as a professional pentax 645z owner i would prefer profoto support, not this chinese no-name rubbish! (that’s not a reputation! good that there is priolite..!)
    second, my requirement to stay with pentax/ricoh is that they develop the 645 system further, (new lenses, 100mp bsi 2018) otherwise i’ll change to fuji or hasselblad! think a lot of 645 owners think so…

    • Zos Xavius

      They will refresh the 645 with a 100 sensor if anything just to compete with Fuji.

    • Dominic Blackmore

      Well, I have never head of ” Priolite ” Is it one that goes off before you want it to? However on a more serious note, as a pro 645Z user couldn’t agree more!

  • Shark

    the walking dead.. sensational news!!!!

    well i have a friend who is a writer for a AMC show.
    he told me he knows how negan will be killed.



    he will visit negan (to plea for peace) … and then bite negan.

    • Do you have a friend that works for Ricoh too? 🙂

      • Zos Xavius

        I have several. They keep things a big secret there.

        • Lol, keeping a secret – that means something is coming 🙂 I am really curious what they will do with the GR and medium format offerings.

          • Zos Xavius

            It looks like some things will happen in the Spring. I was hoping for a fall announcement on a few things, but I think Ricoh took some time to restructure a bit this year and refocus. I actually have no idea about the GR. I keep asking constantly and get no answers. That is a pure Ricoh product so only the people in Japan likely know what the deal is. As for the 645. I would imagine they are already working on the next body but I haven’t heard anything other than they are working on a replacement. In all likelihood with a 100mp sensor. The current 100mp sensor phase one is using is damn near full frame. It will be curious to see if Ricoh decides to go FF which would be quite easy to do with the 645. A few of their newer lenses would need to be redesigned, but all their classic lenses are easily FF capable. It would give them an edge over Fuji. The Fuji mount seems to be too small to support FF MF.

            I heard rumors they were looking at a mirrorless system, and then I heard rumors that they were looking at just continuing with SLRs. I have no idea who telling the truth, but my hunch is that Ricoh has far from given up on mirrorless or SLRs both.

          • The CP+ show is in March next year, so maybe this is when we will see some new products. I personally am not interested in Pentax DSLR cameras right now since I recently got the Nikon D850, but I am interested in the new GR and what they will do with the Pentax medium format.

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