Pentax K1 vs. Nikon D850 image sensor quality test comparison video

There is a new Pentax K1 ($1,896.95) vs. Nikon D850 ($3,296.95) image sensor quality test comparison video:

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  • marymig

    Well, that’s a biased review…

  • Originaru

    Completely biased, this guy should be ashamed for so many missleading informations.

  • Sanford Barton

    watched the whole video. looked like a legit test to me.

  • ZMWT

    I mean, what is there to compare? It is just technological fact: K-1 has D810 derivative sensor, and D850 has a brand new one, it is BSI, handles clippings far better, has more DR, delivers finer detail, etc. And D850 is technologically superior camera in other regards. Nikon delivered, and there is no need for fake apologetics.

  • Kunzite

    I couldn’t watch to the end; too much talk and too little information.
    But… I don’t like, nor trust that guy’s reviews. Not everyone with a YouTube channel is a competent reviewer.

    This… review aside, the K-1 is holding his own against the newer and much more expensive Nikon, while the Nikon is an amazing combination of resolution and speed.
    I’d call both cameras winners.

  • Cynog

    Although the reviewer obviously favours Pentax cameras, I think the conclusions were valid to an extent. The per-pixel noise on higher megapixel cameras is usually greater but, as he pointed out, so was the detail recorded. That said, the K-1 does seem to be better in low light, which is supported by the DxO mark scores for each camera. I have both, and they both give phenomenal image quality, and the Pentax offers tremendous value for money.

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