Mitakon Speedmaster 135mm f/1.4 lens now available in Pentax K-mount

The Mitakon Speedmaster 135mm f/1.4 lens is now available in Pentax K-mount. The price of the lens is ¥330,000 excluding tax (around $2,900). Here are the technical specifications and two sample photos:

Focal length 135 mm (converted to 35 mm format) focus MF (manual focus)
Aperture F1.4 – F16 Lens configuration 11 elements in 5 groups (3 ultra-large aperture ED lenses)
Diaphragm blade 11 sheets Shortest shooting distance 1.6 m
full length 160 mm diameter Φ 111 mm
Filter diameter 105 mm mass 3000 g
Maximum shooting magnification 0.1 m Lens mount Canon EF / Nikon F / Pentax K / Sony E / Sony A / Fujifilm G / Leica T

Via PhotoRumors

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  • Shaepour

    yum yum!

  • Jim Mlodynia

    I have bee using Pentax DSLR’S for the last ten years, I don’t think a 135-mm, F 1.4 is a lens that is high on our wish list, not with a price of $3,000.

    • Shaepour

      been a Pentax rider (and lover!) since the mid 1970s … considering my present financial situation, this particular lens is certainly not on top of my priority list of photography related items either … but if i were to be rich enough to partake with that amount of money comfortably, i’d surely get a toy like this for mere fun, why not …

      however, for the type of subject matter suggested in the photos presented here on this page, this kind of ‘flat’ background and magnificent bokeh at that focal length is achievable only via an open aperture like that!

      yes, i know i can do the same in post just as well, and that’s how i do it presently … but imagine if you were to post process at least 10 different images that way on a regular basis and on a deadline delivery in a professional job …

  • PCUser

    Provided the “kick the can down the road” and lack of investment strategy of Ricoh doesn’t shut the brand down once and for all, there might be one Pentax user worldwide that will buy this. Pentax users primarily go for cheap lenses primarily and kit lenses. Even the enthusiasts are frothing over kit lenses on forums. The brand has deteriorated this bad. It’s basically like Ray Ban was before Luxxotica (for better or worse) picked them up.

    Sigma won’t even touch Pentax anymore. Why? They have some of the most desirable lenses anywhere now.

    • Shaepour

      very well said, especially about how a great yet run down brand such as Pentax, gets kick around from hand to hand simply because its users are ‘cheap’ … (poor Contax and Minolta, both great brands in their own rights, died much earlier than Pentax btw … so, Pentax has survived well enough so far …)

      as for this particular lens though, it’s intended mostly for two groups:

      1. super rich prosumer photographers who may buy ANY expensive toy, from Ray Ban to Lamborghini, only because they can …

      2. truly professional and rich enough photographer who’s so rich as to either buy it, or can afford to rent it from photography vendors that do offer this kind of service …

      the Pentax ‘enthusiast’ group of photographers you just mentioned though, doesn’t lie in between the two groups mentioned above, not even in a group # 3 or 4 or whatever …

      Pentax users are mostly a totally separate bunch of ‘poor’ photogs who either don’t quite understand what ‘real bokeh’ in photography is, or they do but don’t care …

      besides, either case, Pentaxians can’t afford to buy expensive toys anyway … (unless for some in group 1 above, who may ‘collect’ Pentax cameras and lenses just for the sake of adding to their already large collection of funny toys, and occasionally a few pros in group 2 that may own some Pentax stuff as back up too …)

      now, as for this little Far East company that is going to produce this special lens for most famous brands out there, it’s not very difficult to come up with a separate design for a lesser selling brand like Pentax too …

      why? simply because it’s not very costly to add the K mount option too, when this lens is not an auto focus one!

      as soon as a Pentax order comes in, if any, and say for a minimum amount of a few hundred (or even less) number of K mount version of this lens, they can do it …

      on the other hand, who says many Canon or Nikon or Leica users will also buy this lens anyway? (unless they belong to the super lucky duper rich group 1 that buys ANYTHING as long as it’s expensive!) 🙂

      if enough orders for any specific brand don’t come in, well, who cares, the company says “Sorry, we’re out of stock for that particular brand as of this moment …”

      and if the Pentax community isn’t interested in it in the first place, then so be it as none will order this lens anyway! the maker of this lens is just proposing a K mount version of this lens that they can make if enough orders pour in …

  • Shaepour

    typo in the lens configuration box of the table above:

    “11 groups in 5 groups” should actually read: “11 *elements* in …”

    • will fix, this is from the Google translation

      • Shaepour

        thanks for the reply …

        had no idea you might be using that resource for creating an article of this caliber!

        professional translator advice here:


        (just as you’d better be ultra cautious with the auto-correct feature in Word and similar programs for example, which are fine, but they do require a lot of ‘manual’ revision too!)

        online dictionaries of all kind are great though but automated translators are terrible in majority of cases! 🙂

        • I don’t have any other options.

          • Shaepour

            apparently you do understand English rather well, as well speak it well enough too, don’t you? it wouldn’t be so difficult to read through and check for such small yet important errors and correct them before publishing an article, right? good job and good luck anyway … 🙂

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