Pentax K-1 silver limited edition DSLR camera officially announced

The Pentax K-1 silver limited edition DSLR camera is now officially announced. The UK price is £2,149.99 (check US pricing – not listed at the time of this post). Shipping will start in mid-September. The kit includes:

  • Battery grip D-BG6 Limited Silver
  • Two rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, battery charger, AC adapter kit, belt, viewfinder cover ME, cover K II, software CD-ROM
  • Flash shoe cover
  • Specially designed packing

From the press release:

“The PENTAX K-1 (launched in April 2016) features a 35.9mm x 24.0mm large, high-performance CMOS image sensor, achieving ultra-high definition approx. 36.4 effective mega pixels and superb gradation recreation, along with high-sensitivity performance for the ultimate K series digital SLR camera model. This limited edition model was designed to meet overwhelming user demand for a camera body and battery grip in a refined silver colour that perfectly matches the silver FA Limited Lens Series. The model also features a limited edition metal hot shoe cover with logo. These features show our commitment to the finest details and make this a truly special model.”

Additional pictures:

Additional information can be found on Ricoh Japan website.

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  • speedPhoenix

    K-3 II has silver version for quite sometimes, but the replacement has not come yet. Now K-1 has silver version, so can we expect the replacement ?
    What pentax is going to do, is very mysterious for me.

    • Simenza Argazkiak

      I don’t think Pentax will replace the K-1 before 2019. They said that, if I remember correctly. By the way the K-3 II’s replacement is late, but if it comes before xmas, and if it will be a great camera, a little late it’s not a deal.
      Sorry for my English.

      • ZMWT

        “Ricoh”, pronounced as “Rhee .. cough …” is the dictionary meaning of “always too little, always too late”.
        Sorry for my French.

        • Zos Xavius


          (my apologies if you have never seen the ricola cough drop commercials)

      • Zos Xavius

        2019 is an eternity with the D850 out now. There will be a D900 by then lol.

  • aaa

    I dont understand why pentax doesn’t put a joystick in its cameras…

    • TinusVerdino

      They may on the K-3 II successor. The K-1 isn’t sports oriented. D810 doesn’t have a joystick.

    • ZMWT

      Before you put a joystick in a camera, you must have a few more AF points than the K-1 or K-3 offer; say, 120 more AF points, and some serious AF processing speed, say, thrice the speed of current K-1 and K-3.

      • aaa

        Cameras have far less AF points than Pentax K1 have joysticks. I am not sure what do you mean….

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