First pictures of the Pentax K-1 silver limited edition DSLR camera leaked online

The first pictures of the previously rumored Pentax K-1 silver limited edition DSLR camera leaked online. Here are the details:

  • Announcement: August 24th
  • Release date: September 14th
  • Only 2000 cameras will be produced worldwide
  • The kit includes: metal hot shoe, silver battery grip D-BG6 and two batteries
  • Retail price in Japan will be around 297,000 yen including tax (around $2,700) – the regular Pentax K-1 camera (body only) currently sells for $1,896.95 in the US.

Via Nokishita

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  • The Kommentator

    Yeah, but does it AF correctly?

    • TinusVerdino

      If it doesn’t it’s because the user is an idiot

    • ZMWT

      When using the same lens, K-1 by default provides 50% more DoF, so there are less visible AF mistakes and the hitrate will improve over their crop cameras. K-1’s AF system is nothing to seriously rave about, but so far, it is Pentax’ best.

      • Zos Xavius

        The K-5 IIs and K-3 both have decent single AF. No real complaints there other than it does miss if you don’t give it a chance to fully lock and shoot on the first blink of the light.

  • If it actually looks like “metal” then fine if it looks like cheap rubbish painted silvered plastic sad

    • TinusVerdino

      The top plate is plastic. Has to be cause of wifi and gps

      • you obviously didn’t “read” what I said,

        • TinusVerdino

          because I hate you

      • Zos Xavius

        huh? the top plate is metal on my K-3. are you sure? I thought only the prism housing was plastic and that held the necessary antennas.

  • Frank

    Agree. It looks cheap and plastic. However, Raider fans are gonna love it!

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