K&F Concept introduced six new mount adapter for Pentax DA lenses

K&F Concept (Keandoff Concept) introduced six new mount adapters for Pentax DA lenses for Sony E, Micro Four Thirds and Fujifilm X-mounts (Google translation):

For Pentax K-mount DA lenses (price: ¥4,500 excluding tax)

  • Model: KF – DAE (for Sony E mount)
  • Model: KF – DAX (for Fujifilm X mount)
  • Model: KF – DAM 43 (for Micro Four Thirds)

Other K-mount adapters (price ¥4,000 excluding tax):

  • Model: KF-EXAE (for Sony E mount)
  • Model: KF-EXAX (for Fuji Film X mount)
  • Model: KF-EXAM 43 (for Micro Four Thirds)

Characteristics: cuts the inner reflection by matte coating to suppress diffused reflection of light. Adopt brass mount parts on the lens side. K&F Concept adapters are sold on eBay.


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