K&F Concept introduced six new mount adapter for Pentax DA lenses

K&F Concept (Keandoff Concept) introduced six new mount adapters for Pentax DA lenses for Sony E, Micro Four Thirds and Fujifilm X-mounts (Google translation):

For Pentax K-mount DA lenses (price: ¥4,500 excluding tax)

  • Model: KF – DAE (for Sony E mount)
  • Model: KF – DAX (for Fujifilm X mount)
  • Model: KF – DAM 43 (for Micro Four Thirds)

Other K-mount adapters (price ¥4,000 excluding tax):

  • Model: KF-EXAE (for Sony E mount)
  • Model: KF-EXAX (for Fuji Film X mount)
  • Model: KF-EXAM 43 (for Micro Four Thirds)

Characteristics: cuts the inner reflection by matte coating to suppress diffused reflection of light. Adopt brass mount parts on the lens side. K&F Concept adapters are sold on eBay.


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  • IQfreak

    Interesting but a little vague.

    • Richard Jackson

      Doesn’t work that way unfortunately.

      Pentax lenses aim the light further back, to account for the dslr mirror box depth.

      You can use these on mirrorless cameras by adding a spacer, pushing the Pentax lense out further, so it now aims on the closer mirrorless sensor correctly.

      Mirrorless lenses aim really close, because they have no flappy mirror in front of the sensor, and the the sensor is really close. You’d need to mush them inside the mirror box to make them work on a dslr.

      • IQfreak

        Yes i am aware of flange distance restrictions and thank you.

      • IQfreak

        Yes I am aware of flange distances and thank you.

  • TinusVerdino

    Three, those other three are for exakta-mount. Why do they call them DA? they already had a PK to e-mount adapter. Did they limit the image circle to aps-c for no good reason at all or do they hope people will get a new adapter to use with just DA lenses because it says so on the adapter 😛

    • Mistral75

      They call them DA because these three new adapters allow to settle the aperture on lenses without aperture ring.

      • TinusVerdino

        Not having an aperture ring is not exclusive to DA lenses.

      • TinusVerdino

        Also looks stepless and very short throw, so not very accurate.

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