Pentax KP camera reviews

Many websites published their reviews of the latest Pentax KP DSLR camera ($1,099). Here is a recap:

Pros and cons from dpreview (see also their gallery):

Pros and cons from ephotozine:

Photographyblog writes:

“We particularly like the easily removable hand-grip, especially as the three different sizes are all included in the box – why has no-one thought of this before? Crucially the KP doesn’t skimp on image quality, either, although the headline-grabbing top ISO speed 819,200 proves to be more than a little ambitious. In terms of other negative points, the battery life isn’t the greatest, especially compared to the K-3 II model that this new camera effectively replaces, live view is still a pain to use for moving subjects, it’s a shame that the LCD screen doesn’t tilt to the side, there’s no 4K video or even an HDMI port (!), and the buffer depth for the 7fps burst shooting is too small if you want to shoot Raw files.”

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  • c s

    it’s not meant to replace the k-3ii.

  • Rob S

    I can’t understand why reviewers haven’t figured out that Pentax is not about video. If you want a 4K HDMI output flip out screen video camera, buy a Panasonic. If you want a rugged all weather still camera for, you know, photography, buy a Pentax. No one asks Ferrari why they don’t have a pickup truck. Or maybe a better comparison, no one buys a serious sports car with an automatic transmission. Canon makes some wonderful cameras capable of beautiful video but based on what I have seen, the cost for that is paid by their still images. That’s not good or bad, it’s a choice. Pentax chooses to put still images first.

    • ZMWT

      Most reviewers are plain dorks, who would rather see a device doing 20 things so-so, than one thing best in class. They can’t live with that and that is the sickness of the digital, which on the surface allows “everything”.

      • Rob S

        It’s even crazier when you consider how few general photographers have the computing power and screen real estate to process 4K video. I include myself in that. My 6 year old 15″ MBP would choke on 4K video but has no issue with stills. Unless you have a modern iMac or a bear custom workstation, it’s unlikely 4K is part of your toolkit.

        • Imp

          My MBP would be fine with 4k video, assuming I’m cutting in FCPX. 6 years old, sure, that’ll probably have issue, but a recent MBP with fcpx would be fine. As long as it’s not like RED or Arri footage, G85/Gh4/5 A6300/6500 4k would work fine

          • Mattias Burling

            Red footage is much much easier on the computer than 4K from a stills camera.
            I cut 4K video from still cameras, raw shooting cinema cameras as well as Red on a two year old MBP and a five year old Mac Mini. No problem.
            No need for a monster computer.

    • Richard Jackson

      Pentax offer video already, and have done for a very long time by time.

      It essentially hasn’t been touched significantly since 2012 though, where it gained focus peaking, but lost mechanical stabilisation, which the K-X/K-7/K-5 series all had before then.

      This is due for a refresh, just to bring it up to 2015 level specs.

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