RawTherapee will soon support Pixel Shift shots from Pentax cameras

I received this message from a reader (thanks!):

The free open source raw file development software RawTherapee will be the first (as far as I’m aware) free software that can process Pixel Shift shots from Pentax cameras, and does a better job than Pentax’s own Digital Camera Utility, Adobe Camera Raw and out-of-camera JPGs.

Attached image (CC-BY) courtesy of Pat David:

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  • Glorfindelrb

    Not sur about the example pic but yes RT is the best solution for Motion Correction. ACR is good for static subjects.

    • teiki arii

      A newer build for MacOs works fine. Besides, you can choose one of the four pictures which compose the Pixel Shift one to be processed independently of each other… A very nice Raw processing software… And something tells me that a clever mind is working on HDR Raw processing in a process similar to that used for making Pixel Shift process…
      Cross fingers.


  • RobA

    The comparison photos don’t look convincing, as a support for RT.

    • Glorfindelrb

      The whole point is about the auto masking capabilities of RT and it’s doing good at this but I don’t know why they used a so flat picture in the comparison.

      • RobA

        Yes, I’ve tried it, so I’m baffled to understand why they thought that comparison would be effective in demonstrating their superiority, at least at first viewing. Looking more closely, you can see the benefit, as the RT image has many fewer artefacts, but at the original screen magnification, that isn’t so apparent.

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