Pentax KP camera now listed on Amazon US/Canada, pricing revealed, additional information

The Pentax KP DSLR camera is now listed at Amazon US and Amazon Canada and the pricing is USD 1,199.95 / CDN 1,499.99.

Additional information:

  • 24.3 effective Megapixel APS-C AA filter less CMOS sensor with Iso 819200 and pixel shift resolution
  • 5-Axis shake reduction system
  • Pixel shift resolution technology. Uses shake reduction to move the image sensor in single-pixel increments, to capture 4 images that are combined into a single, Hi-Res image
  • A vertical-tilt LCD monitor that facilitates high- and low-angle shooting
  • Dustproof, weather-resistant, -10 DegreeC built-in Wi-Fi


The brand new Pentax kp, an ultra-compact and highly portable DSLR with features and controls that facilitate capturing outstanding images, even in the most demanding conditions. The kp packs many of the advanced capabilities of the award-winning K-3 series into a modern, slim-body design that lends itself to applications from casual snapshots to serious outdoor photography while mountain climbing or trekking. The kp also adds a new generation of innovations including a new, highly sensitive APS-C CMOS sensor and is the first APS-C camera to incorporate shake reduction II (SR II), which features a five-axis mechanism to compensate for camera shake up to 5 steps. The new Megapixel CMOS sensor enables shooting in extremely low-light conditions, with sensitivity to ISO 819200, making the camera ideal for night photography. The kp features an electronic shutter option in live-view to enable high-speed shooting up to 1/24,000-second, which greatly broadens shooting capabilities when using large aperture lenses to achieve a shallow depth of field on a bright sunny day. The kp’ s compact body is the result of a complete internal re-design to produce an advanced DSLR camera with an extremely Slim profile for optimal comfort and handling. The kp’ s rugged exterior is dustproof and weather-sealed to enable use in the most challenging outdoor conditions. The camera will perform in temperatures as low as 14 degrees f (-10 degrees C) and is incorporates a vertical-tilt LCD monitor that facilitates high- and low-angle shooting

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  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    The 3 different sized grips are included with the camera. Will be interesting to see if it can be used with none at all, look how much they emphasize “slim”.

  • ZMWT

    This is made light, thin and a bit retro for small DA Ltd lenses; that is why there is two toned version too. Brilliant.

  • 5857521ManitobaInc

    Typical Pentax… an awesome little camera…
    unfortunately no sale, here with me…
    I need video as well as stills.
    if my k3 dies, gets lost or stolen, then all the pentax glass goes up on ebay.
    Panasonic, BMD, here I come… 🙁

    • ZMWT

      When your obsession with video runs out, you may at any time take some photography courses, to learn photography, and then the Pentax DSLR may come in handy.

      • 5857521ManitobaInc

        now that was a moronic assumption to make….

        I’ve been published in dozens of magazines over the last two years, and have films shown in theatres and festivals.

        I make my living at this.

        I have owned pentax cameras since the 80’s and have probably forgotten more about photography over the years than guys like you could ever learn… lol!

  • AYWY

    This could be a Nikon Df done right. 😛

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