Rumors from Japanese magazine: Pentax M-E mirrorless camera

The January edition of the Japanese magazine CAPA (Japan’s best-selling camera and photography magazine) published a rumor about a potential Pentax M-E mirrorless camera:

  • Name: Pentax M-E
  • Mirrorless camera
  • Unclear whether the sensor size is APS-C or full frame
  • Adapter to use K-mount lenses
  • Tiltable rear LCD, similar to that of the K-1
  • Retro design like the Pentax MX-1, with a reference to the Pentax KM

FYI: articles in Japanese magazines on upcoming cameras have not been very accurate in the past.

Via Asobinet

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  • Geoff C. Bassett

    Please be full frame, would love to pull away from the sony brand for mirrorless. I would switch to Pentax if it’s a good enough mirrorless camera, as then I could adapt my Nikons to it.

    • Franko

      aps-c is basically the first word in the article and it is even on western letters ..

      I would love to see them join x-mount then, because of the lens line, which is superior. pentax could add full-frame equivalent lenses like a 50-135 f1.8.. and a body with base iso of 100 or 50.

  • It would certainly be a good move. Mirrorless is (objectively) the future, and Pentax has not been particularly active in that field. The K-01 and Q lines were obvious failures.

    • TinusVerdino

      Your opinion. Nothing objective about it.

      • JJ

        I disagree, I think there are many arguments for mirrorless vs DSLR. I am curious to see why do you not agree? Why do you think mirrorless is not the future?

        • TinusVerdino

          Presenting an opinion as a fact is dogmatic.DSLR is going to be around for quite a while yet. Mirrorless for Pentax will happen when the technology has matured. The future for Pentax is still DSLR. They don’t want to be a me too company. They want to be the best camera builder. For now they can’t build the best mirrorless but they can build the best DSLRS. Innovation is still possible. Most mirrorless innovation has been playing catch-up to dslrs and a lot of it can be applied in dslr’s too.

          • JJ

            He wasn’t talking about mirorless for Pentax. He stated that mirrorless is the future and this is the consensus.

            Everything that you presented are opinions. Stating what Pentax wants is an opinion since Pentax is not a person.

            There are objective reasons why mirrorless is the future. For example:
            – mirorless.cameras have fewer parts and are easier to manufacture. This reduces costs. Products that can do the same thing, but cheaper, displace more expensive products.
            – mirrorless meters and focus using the sensor, which gives a greater accuracy. This could be done with dslr, but would esssentially require a second sensor, which again I more complicated and less economical. Right now the metering matrix assits in tracking autofocus, but those have thousands of pixels, not millions like sensors.
            – evf can be seen in low light situations where our eyesight fails using more sensitive sensors and digital gain. Ovf cannot take advantage of digital gain.
            Could dslrs clhave ahybrid viewfinder? Sure but why, if mirrorless can do it as well?
            – lack of mirror to flip means higher frame rates are achievable, we are already seeing this with e-m1 mk ii where dslrs fall behind.

            Those are facts, just a few of those that likely made op state it with such conviction. I will bet that’s why he said it is objective – because there are many objective arguments for this point.

          • TinusVerdino

            I didn’t say they weren’t opinions. Your childish you have opinions but I have facts reasoning is silly.

            There is also future for Canon and Nikon in DSLR’s. Mirrorless may have fewer parts but DSLR technology isn’t expensive to engineer. There are plenty of cheap DSLRs. as cheap as mirrorless. The Pentax K-1 costs as much as the New oly and Panasonic top models. DSLRs can use the sensor too (like the Canon 80D). In low light a DSLR can be used with the back LCD. DSLR’s can also employ electronic shutters or use mirror up shooting for higher frame rates. The main problem is sensor read out times with larger sensors. Otherwise they would be as fast as high end m43 cameras. This will be solved as technology advances. Mirrorless is here to stay but so is DSLR. When a hybrid VF can be managed that would give the DSLR best of both worlds. Apart from size and weight, but that is hardly an issue on the higher end of the market.

          • JJ

            Let’s wait and see, shall we? Calling others childish when you did present opinions and I presented facts… I will not be wasting my time on you. Goodbye.

          • TinusVerdino

            That is exactly why I am calling you childish and rightly so. So now you are fleeing to your cubbyhole to agree with yourself some more, without bothersome people who disagree with your version of the truth.

          • SimenO

            You say there are a consensus about mirrorless being the future. Well, objective sales numbers tell a different story.

            2012-2015 data:

            2016 jan-nov data:
            A simple approximation would be to multiply by a factor 12/11 to include an estimate for December.

            Since the whole camera market are shrinking it makes sense to look at relative numbers. How many dslr cameras was sold for every mirrorless? The answer is:

            2012: 4,1
            2013: 4,2
            2014: 3,2
            2015: 2,9
            2016 est: 2,7

            The factor is shrinking, but still dslr have a huge lead. So how do we predict the future? We can analyze the trend factor. It seems to shrink less and less. Looking at a graph of the factor vs year, it looks like its leveling out at factor around 2:1 in 5-10 years. Not very surprising given that digital mirrorless are a newer camera type then dslr, and thus had a boost in its beginning. Over time, things balance out, like a chemical balance. Some will prefer ovf, some will prefer evf or no vf.

          • JJ

            It is your opinion he is wrong, but you presented it as a fact. Perhaps instead of assuming you are correct and stating that there is nothing objective about it, you could ask why is he saying that. He is probably a cogent person who has a reason behind stating somethin. I showed you a few objective reasons in a other reply, so there is something objective about this argument. I found your initial reply unusually impolite, which is why I spent 15 minutes of my time writing about it.

  • TinusVerdino

    Ocr.’d the jpeg and Translated it with google:Rumors that the new mirrorless is standby!
    M – E Stomach
    Country country. APSC or 7 lace chairs or 4 dish classes 1 “Not worth. Mount Attabter TK Manpower. Town, priority. Flexible child formula like MOTA – UKI. Battle x “, blood C, Cical C
    The first ~ _ celebration
    Ben Tank’s books Mirror Resume Electric HE. High exhalation. Conduct. Mx: ‘But, however, ■, Totowagi
    1 Luo Hen
    Sakaki Sakaki with a deep sense of design and a favorable Westside. It is. Suitable monitor SE – I Sonoda Flexible lure formula Rut formula. K – mount Lens also familiar with the master teacher. To use

    • How many languages do you speak? 🙂

      • TinusVerdino

        Just three 😉

        • but they are the right three languages 🙂

    • 5857521ManitobaInc

      sounds good, I want one!

    • GiuBehringer

      I’m not sure I’m ok with the favorable Westside. The Town priority sounds appealing though. I’m gonna have to sleep on it before I commit to The first ~ _ celebration.

    • JGoodard


    • den321

      Well played. Let’s make a baby.

  • Richard Jackson

    No viewfinder

    • TinusVerdino

      They used the mx-1 as the basis for the drawing. I think it’s bullshit.

      • Richard Jackson

        Yeah it definitely looks more MX-1ish than the Pentax film ME style photo.

        Pentax has a genuine legacy of film cameras to undertake a decent retro digital camera. They just lack the vision and balls to do it properly…

  • SimenO

    Lets look at how this camera sketch was made.
    – The left wheels and buttons comes from MX-1, but the wheels are upscaled.
    – The back screen comes from MX-1
    – The right wheel have unknown origin
    – The flash shoe mount comes from Q7 or Q10
    – The lens is a Pentax DA 18-50mm RE WR
    – The lens to body adapter (yes there obviously is one, evident by the two release buttons) have unknown origin
    – The body front, corners and strap holes have unknown origin
    – No signs of internal flash (like the Q series and MX-1 have)

  • 5857521ManitobaInc

    it would be nice if this turns out to be a rebadged fuji or oly with a custom af k-mount speedboster/adapter…
    heaven knows Pentax can’t make ANYTHING useful for us video shooters…

  • Valdo

    Why on earth most manufacturers are designing mirrorless cameras as SLR’s ?

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