More info on the upcoming Pentax KP DSLR camera

Here is some additional information/rumors on the upcoming Pentax KP DSLR camera:

  • The new camera will be officially unveiled on January 26th (26th in Japan, 25th in Europe and the Americas, the exact time of announcement will be 11pm CST / 5pm EST)
  • The new camera is expected to start shipping by the end of February
  • The Pentax KP is not a replacement for the K-3 II, it’s a brand new concept, with a very well-considered battery grip system
  • Update – the exact translation from German is “the KP is more than a refinement of the K-3II“, this does not exclude that the KP could be the replacement for the K-3II

Via Digital Foto Netz

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  • Narretz

    I hope the battery grip isn’t the only innovation in this series ?

  • TinusVerdino

    She said: * genaugenommen
    ist sie keine Weiterentwicklung von K-3II. Sondern ganz neue Konzept,
    mit seeeeehr gut überlegte Batteriegriff-System, meiner Meinung nach …

    Also, putzt eure DA-Objektiven und abwarten!

    meaning: to be exact she is not a further development of the K-3 II, but an entirely new concept, with a veeeery well thought out battery grip system. When you ask me…

    Also, polish your DA lenses and wait.

    So it is not a K3-III but a new body. It is high end because there is a grip included and it is aps-c (DA). So it is a K-3 II replacement in the line up.

    • I will update my post – I misunderstood the initial translation.

  • 5857521ManitobaInc

    if it has pro level video, I’m buying one! maybe two.

    • PiDicus Rex

      Same Same, video sucks = No Sale.

      We all know already the Stills side will be fantastic (as always), Pentax needs to build the Video Firmware up to the same standard.

    • I prefer a pro level VIDEO camera

      • 5857521ManitobaInc

        Sorry but I am a believer in using the best tool for the job, and sometimes it’s the d-slr other times its the video camera , but either way… it sucks that petax doesn’t have a pro video option to go with the glass especially when I’m mixing stills and video into a project…

  • tornwald

    Pentax 645Z update please! (And new high quality primes, don’t care if they are f4.)

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