More on the rumored Pentax mirrorless camera

I received an update on the rumored Pentax mirrorless camera – it was described to me as something between the Pentax K-01 (pictured above) and the vintage K1000 SLR camera (see it here on Wikipedia). The official announcement / shipment is expected in Spring of 2017. This is all I have for now. If you have any additional information on this rumored model, you can contact me anonymously here.

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  • Franko

    i guess they use a different mount. i hope they join x mount.. they have already awesome lenses and pentax delivers just great bodies. dreamteam.

    • Narretz

      “Something between the K 01 and the vintage K1000” sounds to me like it’ll be a K mount mirrorless with a faux SLR look. A completely new mount is doubtful as it requires new lenses and Pentax already has a glacial pace with lens releases. An existing mount is even less likely as only m43 is an open protocol / system. And no company has yet joined another mount so Pentax won’t do it.

      • I think so too – they will probably stick an EVF in the pentaprism and make it look like a K1000.

        • BP2012

          Exactly, K-01 without Mark Newson, old school Pentax design. Specs similar to K-70.

          • Daedbird

            HDMI live view out for an external monitor, focus peaking while recording, 4K recording and this is a hit

        • TinusVerdino

          or they will start selling digital backs for the K1000. Prices will sky rocket!

      • Franko

        there were some rumors months ago about pentax would go x mount. i doubt pentax goes smaller than aps-c since they were apsc ever since digital and now even ff. also olympus with similar features would be to immense. mirrorless with the same flange distance is also not beneficial..
        seriously wondering if they drop a mirrorless at all

        • Max

          Pentax QS1 ?

    • Sakaphoto Graphics

      That would be interesting, considering that the Fujica SLRs from FujiFilm followed Pentax to the K-mount in the 1970s.

  • Stuart

    If the K-01 had featured an EVF and on-sensor PDAF it would probably have been a success, at least amongst K-mount users.

    • I think this is what they are after.

      • Zos Xavius

        I am hoping! A mirrorless camera can be made to be k1000 sized and still have the flange distance necessary for kmount.

  • TinusVerdino

    Sounds like a nice fantasy. But the K-01 wasn’t a success because it could only interest people who already owned Pentax and who were looking for a second more compact body. A mirrorless with a dslr registration distance isn’t the way to go.

  • Quote “it was described to me as something between the Pentax K-01 and the vintage K1000 SLR camera”

    Well duh, then it could be anything at all, you may as well say it is rumored to be anything between a Pentax 110 and 645

    • Are trolling or you just have no idea how those cameras look like?

      • BP2012

        Why trolling those two cameras K-01 and K1000 have a very different design and functional concepts. Similarities are Pentax logo, letter K, first two figures in opposite order and off course both are using to take pictures.

        • Because you mention the 645. The two cameras I mentioned have a lot in common actually: they are both small with similar controls, what’s wrong with that description?

          • BP2012

            No I didn’t, he mentioned that 🙂
            About the size, I’m pretty much sure that K-01 is the biggest APS-C mirrorless camera ever made. At least it looks like that. In contrary to that K1000 was a very small SLR back in the year when it was announced.

          • ok

  • Thomas

    I actually really like my K-01. It has a unique design, it feels very responsive and has just the right amount of controls for me when I’m feeling for snapshots, travel etc (not work). The design is at least it’s own, not just vintage or black DSLR. Sure it is not super compact, but that’s acceptable with keeping the K-mount as-is.

  • MB

    What? Pale blue/white K1000 lookalike mirrorless digital camera?
    If they also release a rose/white one than we will have complete offerings for all the boys AND girls …

  • kenspo

    New mount, short register, K adapter for compatibility: there will be a nice little surprise in 2017 🙂 The future is bright, Ricoh are in for the long perspective.

    • Kenspo

      Why do you post this false stuff and pretend to be me? Get a life!

  • Szalatnyai István

    Pentax has three bayonents already. 4th would have no market. We need Pentax MILC for the K lenses. The brand new 4th bayonet would not be able to compete the actual milc-s.

    • Mistral75

      It’s not like if Ricoh Imaging dedicated a lot of R&D to the Q mount…

  • Joe

    Just come out with a K- mount clone of the Sony a6500.

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      Yes just wreak Pentax claim to durability fame by introducing a flimsy Sony body in the lineup

      • Joe

        Boy are you clueless. You must be a flipping mirror fanboy living in the stone age.

  • Kenspo

    I never share any info in comments and i hardly share anything anywhere anymore: so any so called info from the nick kenspo is fake from someone pretend to be me!

  • Nic M

    How can you one make any analogy whatsoever between K-01 and K1000?

  • Luke

    I have always believed there is a market for digital versions of old cameras. Like a digital processor and sensor inside a vintage body. Nobody has done this yet, affordably. I mean some of the Leicas come close to this idea but the Nikon Df is not it. The Fuji Xt-1 is not it. If Pentax could do it it would be a first.

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