Pentax vintage mirrorless camera rumors

The 2016 Photokina show starts next week and so far I have not heard any Ricoh/Pentax rumors. Today I received this anonymous tip from a reader about a new Pentax vintage mirrorless camera:

I heard a rumour today the source is in a good position to know but he is not certain and wouldn’t want his name dropped in case his employer isn’t happy. His job is visual merchandising and one of his clients is a camera retailer in the UK. They are drawing up plans for Spring 2017 and there is an extra section being given to Pentax – in the mirrorless section of the store. The camera’s is noted as being ‘Pentax Vintage FF M/less’ and ‘Pentax Vintage APSC Mirrorless’ – And there is a section for Q to K conv’ – there rest of the section is for lenses and is manager discretion based on stock what they put there.

Interestingly enough, I received a similar tip few months ago. If you have any information on what Ricoh/Pentax may announce next week, you can contact me anonymously here.

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  • Szalatnyai István

    Just keep the “K” bayonet please. K-02 with EVF? Go for it 🙂

    • TinusVerdino

      Register distance will be much shorter, so there will have to be a new mount. perhaps similar to the q mount but wider.

      • Szalatnyai István

        I do not think new mount would have sense. New mount means new lenses. Pentax became great with K mount. Look at Q. Not a big success. Between Q and K there are too many competitors.
        The slice of the cake for Pentax would be almost invisible with new mount.
        Additionally I simple do not like the extremely small cameras we can see on the market. I prefer the 2,5 cm deeper MILC body with K than the completely new bayonet. I think K-02 would have sense.

        • TinusVerdino

          It makes no sense to you. If Ricoh is going to do a large sensor mirrorless it will need to be as compact as the competition or it has no chance.

          • ZMWT

            Compactness is lost at any decent lens + camera combo. Just look at Sony’s FF lenses for their A7 cameras — they are ginormous! Look at SL lenses — gigantic!
            Are we not ill enough listening and looking at the mirrorless FF lies? Life shows it is impossible to build a compact FF mirrorless system with AF — unless all lenses start at f8 and are not zooms. An FF mirrorless system from Pentax would mean a total disaster.
            Only meaningful FF mirrorless system is the M, and even in that regard Leica can’t tame the digital M camera size.

          • Mistral75

            > Life shows it is impossible to build a compact FF mirrorless system with AF — unless all lenses start at f8 and are not zooms.

            What about Contax G?

          • ZMWT

            That was a film camera, and lenses were mostly f2.8 and slower. 45mm was at f2 (simple Planar design). So, it is perhaps possible to make a crop digital camera and few lenses of the similar size (LCD etc. takes space, leaving FF out of the question). That we have in a Fujifilm X-Pro. I think Fuji copied the Contax G approach, but with crop sensor, which somewhat proves any FF attempt must be much bigger.

          • TinusVerdino

            So you think it is sensible to design a lot of empty space in a camera because there used to be a mirror there and you happen to have lenses lying around?

          • ZMWT

            It can be used for proper PDAF assembly, which provides superior focusing methods. Why are Nikon and Canon DSLRs superior machines despite all this mirrorless toys coming out? Because of the dedicated PDAF, dedicated mirror and superior computing power. That space means a lot: it also helps camera stay cool and work longer. Mirrorless designs are by default designed not by photographers, but by accountants (bean counters). What accountants know about photography?

          • SimenO

            It makes sense to design a lot of empty space in a camera because otherwise that empty space have to be built into the rear of the lens, like Sony did with their EF lenses. Total size is what matters, not body size alone.

          • TinusVerdino

            But the advantage is you don’t need expensive retrofocus designs for your wide angle lenses, so you can make them brighter and more compact. Especially for aps-c where fov is tighter that makes sense. Full frame not so much.

          • SimenO

            That is true, but limited to large aperture wide angle lenses.

    • Rob S

      I desperately want a weather sealed K-02 with a non-crippled image processor and some kind of viewfinder. I love my K-01 for being compact and having great image quality. I hate it for being slow and slow and slow.

      • SimenO

        I would like an APS-C K-02 with EVF.

        They can make a FF K-03 too, but that would require new D-FA wide angle limiteds and a refresh of FA limiteds. This seems a lot less likely though.

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    Pentax has absolutely no interchangeable lens rangefinder history to speak of, where will they base their “vintage” from, Contax?

    • jar_jar_

      Fuji’s XT-10 mirrorless camera looks very similar to some of their old Fujica ST series SLRs. Pentax could go with Spotmatic, K1000, ME, MX, LX, etc.

      • harvey

        or look to the new Canon M5.

  • TinusVerdino

    Yeah they will make a Asahiflex

  • ZMWT

    Perhaps a classic-era looking camera, a thin SLR-look but without mirror, fashioned after Spotmatic (for the FF) and MX (for the APS-C)? Most likely revamped FA Limiteds will come out too?

  • Kunzite

    Fake. Wishful thinking – more wishful than thinking, though. Two MILCs, APS-C and FF? Really? Which camera maker entered the MILC (or SLR) market with two formats at once?

    • SimenO

      Sony and Pentax. Although not both sensor sizes from the start.

      • Kunzite

        I said “at once” for a reason – because that is the rumor’s premise, APS-C and FF at once.
        Sony’s A7 series was introduced in 2013, while the NEX system / E bayonet was introduced in 2010. And Pentax had its first APS-C DSLR in 2003, but the K-1 was launched this year.

  • Kevin Perri

    I see the Q line going away, the APS-C line of lenses is pretty good so it could ride for a few years before needing any real updates (except maybe updating the DA* SDM motors to DC), The 645 and K1 need more lenses to truly compete. To come out with yet another lens mount at this point would hurt things and slow progress on the 645 and K1 lens line-up. Maybe we will see another attempt at a K-01 type camera (think Sony A77 or A99 line except truly mirrorless) with EVF using the K70 sensor and AF but with retro styling? Either that or they continue with the Q line but add an EVF and go more retro look, but ehhhhhh no. But another lens mount at this point I think would be a mistake with the new FF needing lenses…unless Ricoh is really opening up the money for the R&D. Then by all means.

    Read more at:

  • Alvin Bartolome

    Pentax is Doomed!

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