Rumors: Ricoh wants to enter the mirrorless interchangeable camera market

The latest rumor I received is that Ricoh is planning to enter the mirrorless interchangeable camera market. This is not something that will happen soon – the plan for now is for 2018. The new product line is expected to be aimed at enthusiasts and professionals. A potential collaboration with another camera manufacturer is possible and Fuji was one of the names that was mentioned – both companies may work together on the development on a new larger X mount or something similar. Discussions are still in the early stage and options are still being explored, so take all this with a grain of salt.

Ricoh GXR system

It seems that the Ricoh GXR system is already discontinued (see also this post) and there is no sign that it will come back to life (not even listed on Ricoh USA website).

In the past few weeks I received two separate emails on this same topic. Unless somebody is playing games, there is a pretty good chance that this may actually happen.

I am still in the process of establishing my Ricoh/Pentax sources for this website. If you have any tips/rumors/news you would like to share, you can contact me anonymously here.

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  • TinusVerdino

    A sensible alternative to Fuji retro and x-trans?

    • harvey

      but then would Fuji want to help create a competitor?

      • Francisco Santos

        if they are compatible with their lenses, of course.. better than a new competitor with a m43 mount

        • harvey

          but why would Pentax agree to that and lose down the road lens sales for a new body?

          • Francisco Santos

            they would need to deliver a completely new system with no lenses. i just think they don’t want that. it takes years for a system to get enough quality lenses. consumers nowadays have a selection of many compact systems.. why chose one with almost no lenses when fuji has probably the best lens lineup for good budget? i think both can take advantage of this deal

          • wild bill

            I think they were surprised with GXR M mount. I would like to see a FF with a Leica mount, there are plenty of lenses out their already. They did a nice job with the microlenses on the front of the sensor on the GXR M mount, yes I know it was a Sony sensor. Who knows what will happen things are changing very fast right now sensors.

          • Francisco Santos

            Leica M Mount lenses? these lenses are way to expensive for consumers and have no Autofocus system. as a fuji user i would really appreciate a well known brand entering their mount. but i doubt that fuji allows it..
            i just hope they dont do a m43 mount.. if course it is easy to enter and has tons of native lenses, but still not fast enough

          • wild bill

            But, there are a lot of old Canon rf, russian rf you also have the new Zeiss lenses not cheap but not as bad as Leica prices. But then this is all self serving for me, as a old Leica M shooter I have lenses but I will not fork out what they want for a digital body. So I will keep using my GXR w M mount and my RX-1

  • Mistral75

    Ricoh have already entered the mirrorless interchangeable camera market, think about the Q series (not to mention the one-off K-01).

    • Zos Xavius

      True, but we are talking serious, professional cameras here. Not that the Q wasn’t a great tiny camera.

      • Arn

        If only they could put a 1 inch sensor in the Q, i’ll go for it instantly…

  • Michael Sullivan

    another candidate might be Sigma: after all it would be to both parties benefit to have an established mount with lots of available lenses on day one. Key of course would be a full-featured adapter for modern K-mount lenses.

    • harvey

      many people want great hi ISO performance. The Foveon doesn’t have it yet.

      • Michael Sullivan

        not talking about the sensor — only the (shared) mount. Ricoh would be free to use any sensor they wanted. Win win for both. And they could hit the ground running.

        • harvey

          Ricoh could share the Sony mount as well as the sensor, have access to all those Zeiss/Sony lenses while getting their own out. Ricoh at least understands what ergonomics and camera menus are all about.

          • roos

            E-mount is almost ok with 24×36 without IBIS. With IBIS, its too narrow too and gives Sony a hard time.

            If they are working with fuji, i think it may be the mount. The fuji upcoming 44×33 mount with stabilization in the lenses would most likely be perfect for an IBIS 24×36 camera in size.


          The SA-mount offers no real benefit over the K-mount.
          If they really plan to launch a common mount they need one that has the minimum possible register and is fully digital. Sony is the one that comes to mind.
          Hopefully, if they collaboration goes on, they will introduce a mount that is easily adapatable to K lenses.

    • Narretz

      Sigma made their move with making a mirrorless cam with their current mount.

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    What is so great about x mount, it is just an other stupid short and narrow system that only fits aps and smaller sensors.

    Just do k mount and use it as an extra incentive to build more lenses for the system

    • It’s obviously going to be a new mount. Most probably medium format or full frame.

    • Ufupuw

      K mount would be worthless as mirrorless. It has space for mirror. Why not use that empty space?

      It will be piece of shit as K mount as K mount could never do magical things that mirrorless cameras do (speed boosters, adapters with AF lenses for all kind of rangefinder and Canon lenses).

  • Narretz

    Fuji is a bit unlikely because they have a strong APS C presence. But 2018 is two years away … for FF, Olympus or Panasonic could also be interested.

  • Great…the more the merrier! Ricoh make a Leica M knockoff for $2000. Make a M43 with a real shutter speed dial and simplified controls. Make a Hassy FF 6mp back for my SWC fpr $2500. That is what I want.

  • audrich aw

    Ricoh collaboration with Samsung (X mount or m43 mount) will be interesting… for mirrorless competition

  • Nacho

    Pentax E mount plisssss!!!!!!

  • can’t wait

  • audio

    well, a interchangeable lenses would be nice, yes.

    But I am still waiting for the new GR iteration. I still need a 28/21mm camera in my bag…
    So, bring us more rumors about the new GR, please 🙂

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