Petition: we want full-frame Carl Zeiss lenses for Pentax K-mount

Somebody started a petition on requesting Zeiss to start making full frame lenses for Pentax K mount.

Few months ago Zeiss confirmed that they have no plans to start producing lenses for K mount.

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  • TinusVerdino

    Why not start a Kickstarter? Ask Zeiss how many lenses they need to produce for a certain price. When enough people join they can do a Zeiss K production run with certain sale.

  • sperdynamite

    I wonder how hard it would be to mount-convert ZF/2 lenses…

    If Pentax makes an updated line of Limited lenses then Pentaxians won’t need Zeiss IMO. The Limiteds render very similarly IMO.

  • Stefan Senf

    Just Leitax it by yourself 😉
    I don’t see the problem. And by the way: Beeing German I like Zeiss but Beeing Pentaxian I’d probably prefer Limited lenses. No?

    • HD10

      I understand why Leitax could be a solution for some but if one wants to keep one’s F-mount lenses for F-mount cameras, why go through all the trouble of buying an ZF or ZF2 lens and convert this using Leitax at added expense and effort if you can buy a Zeiss K-mount off the shelf?

  • Berschi

    Complete nonsense petition by someone who never heard of Leitax or wants to waste money.
    The Leitax mount conversion costs 67 EUR and you can use any Zeiss lens for Nikon including used ones, thus saving you hundreds of dollars.

  • CHD

    This is what happens when you show up 14 years late to the FF digital party….

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