Pentax K-1 to start shipping in the US tomorrow (May 3rd)

Pentax K-1 shipping date USA
Ricoh USA posted on Twitter that the Pentax K-1 camera will start shipping in the USA on May 3rd (tomorrow). Check pricing and availability at one of our sponsors:

Some Pentax K-1 pictures:

Pentax-K-1-full-frame-DSLR-camera Pentax-K-1-full-frame-DSLR-camera-7 Pentax-K-1-full-frame-DSLR-camera-5 Pentax-K-1-full-frame-DSLR-camera-6 Pentax-K-1-full-frame-DSLR-camera-4 Pentax-K-1-full-frame-DSLR-camera-3 Pentax-K-1-full-frame-DSLR-camera-2

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