Ricoh filed patents for several lenses designed for cameras with 1″ sensor

Ricoh 75mm f:2.8 lens patent designed for 1 inch sensor camera
Ricoh filed several patents in Japan for 75mm f/2.8, 50mm f/2.4, 25mm f/1.8 and 35mm f/1.8 lenses designed for cameras with 1 inch sensor.

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  • Spy Black

    It’d be hilarious if Ricoh pulled off the system that Nikon 1 should have been in the first place…

    • TO-DOUG

      Possibly Ricoh realised that the 1/2.3-inch sensor in their miniature Q system was too small… so they are upsizing to a 1″ sensor!

  • Francisco Santos

    these are equivalent focal length,right?

    • TO-DOUG

      I assumed that they are equivalent focal length as well. The interesting thing to me is that they are all prime lenses.

      • Francisco Santos

        but why 1″ ?
        if they are interested into an interchangeable mirrorless lens system which is bigger than the 1/2,3″, why not m43? still compact and alot of native lenses already

        • TO-DOUG

          Well, as the proud owner of a Nikon 1 V2, I am biased… But I can only offer wild speculation on why Ricoh would be patenting these 1″ primes:
          > So that Nikon will need to buy the Ricoh patent when they finally decide to make some fast Nikon 1 primes?
          > So that they can make some great small and fast primes to go onto all the Nikon 1 cameras out there?
          > To confuse the Nikon lens designers?
          I dunno…

        • Spy Black

          At this time, there’s more sensor advancement going on in 1-inch then there is in m43, which is annoying to me. There is sensor advancement going on everywhere EXCEPT m43. At the present state of the art there’s about a 1 stop difference between 1-inch and m43. It should be greater, about 2 stops.

          I’m not sure what the future of m43 will be, there’s talk of Olympus getting out of the consumer business, which leaves only Panasonic holding the m43 bag. Panasonic did recently start production on a new fab plant, but it’s not clear what will be manufactured there. They have a decent thing going on with the GH series, so I hopefully we’ll start to see real advancement in m43 sensors.

          I have a GM5, which is an incredible camera for it’s size (virtually identical to my Nikon J4), and I would like to see a successor to it, not necessarily with a higher res sensor, but one with better noise and dynamic range. Although noise and range is impressive for the GM5, there’s always room for more.

          • Francisco Santos

            m43 could be the next super 35 for videographers. but i still hope olympus to keep m43 alive for photographers. they have huge success, even without much innovation.. the e-m1 mk2 could bring some.

        • jar_jar_

          Don’t worry, m43 will be Ricoh Pentax’s next interchangeable lens system after they release a 1″ system. They’ve already got bodies with APSC sensors covered, as well as 1/2.3″, 1/1.7″, and cropped 645 (with full frame 645 rumored in the works). As of today they also have 35mm covered too. They won’t stop releasing more systems until they have all the sensor sizes covered. 🙂

          • Francisco Santos

            i just hope they get a more serious line in at least aps-c size for MILC. maybe joining fuji x system for quality lenses.. Or m43 for the amoung of native lenses, but start building faster and bigger lenses like a 12-35 f1.8 for m43 ..

        • Rob S

          Because they are not stupid. Why in the world would they want to spend money developing a system where they would be late to the party and have to compete with cheap Chinese knock offs? Let’s see, Olympus is going broke and Pentax is not. Yeah I think Pentax has it right.

          • Francisco Santos

            source on olympus going broke?

    • Spy Black

      Not necessarily, although one would hope. However, a 50mm f/2.4?

      • Francisco Santos

        would be 135mm f6.75 .. all these would be some tele lenseswith usable focal lengths… but why no equivalent normal or wide lenses? what would that be for a system?

    • Kunzite

      No, they’re not “equivalent focal length” (easy to see, as FoV is also specified); and there’s no reason they should be. Equivalence is irrelevant.
      These lenses appear to be for industrial products, not consumer cameras anyway.

  • TinusVerdino

    Replace the Q since small sensors have no future?

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