Pentax K-1 camera unboxing pictures

Pentax K-1 camera unboxing7
The Pentax K-1 camera is already shipping in several countries, here are the first unboxing pictures:

Pentax K-1 camera unboxing1
Pentax K-1 camera unboxing2
Pentax K-1 camera unboxing3
Pentax K-1 camera unboxing6 Pentax K-1 camera unboxing5 Pentax K-1 camera unboxing4
Via Xitek

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  • Scared me when I saw the thumbnail photo has Chinese character on it… In a good way

  • Stinky Man

    Best name for this camera is “ten years too late!”.
    It’s reaching a level of excitement that a camera that is ten years too late should get. Very little excitement even from the Pentax Forums Fanboy Base. Just lack luster excitement beyond a very small group. That’s a shame but to be expected….

  • Stinky Man

    Pentax motto “America Last!”

    Pentax is showing why they are dead last in US market share by releasing their flag ship camera ten years too late and to add insult it is being released everywhere else in the world first. Buy Canon, Nikon or Sony.

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