New Ricoh patent for a Pentax Q 4.2mm f/1.8 lens

Ricoh 4.2mm f:1.8 lens patent Pentax-Q-logo
Ricoh has filed a new patent in Japan for a 4.2mm f/1.8 lens calculated for a 1/1.7″ sensor (23mm equivalent for Q and D10 and 19mm for the Q7). This lens is most likely designed for the Pentax Q mirrorless camera system. If true, this means that Ricoh/Pentax have not abandon the Q system. The last Q related announcement was back in August 2014 when the Pentax Q-S1 camera was announced. Currently there are 8 different Pentax Q lenses:

Via Egami

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  • TinusVerdino

    The crop factor of the Q7 and Q-s1 is 4.5 so it would be a 18.9 (say 19)mm equivalent. On the Original Q and the Q10 it would be a 23,5mm equivalent lens.

    • Correct, the Q7 has a bigger sensor. What a mess 🙂

      • Zos Xavius

        They intended the Q series to be 1/1.7 from the beginning but the sensors were not cheap enough yet so they went with the next size smaller as a stop gap measure for the first few generations.

    • I will update my post.

  • the

    It is indeed a interesting camera system, but the new patent is of a ‘interesting’ focus length. a 28mm equivalent or a macro can be more useful.

    • jar_jar_

      The last Q roadmap (from last February) showed the next lens being planned was a ~90mm equivalent telephoto macro, so hopefully they’ll still put that out soon.

  • Nic M

    I’m sometimes amused by the use of language in stories like this one. What part of the word ‘abandon’ are you not understanding? If Pentax stopped selling the Q bodies and lenses, that would do it for me.

    Typical journalistic emotional abandon. 😛

  • TomV

    EVF would also be a welcome addition, hoping for a new Q. I realize that space is limited, as one who doesn’t use flash, wouldn’t mind seeing that go. Something using the sony Pregius line of sensors would be absolutely fantastic. Increased sensitivity would perhaps ameliorate the absence of a built in flash a little bit? Also making the LCD smaller, wider aspect, or completely deleted in order to keep the body size the same or smaller would also be ok by me.

  • Mark, Washington DC

    The 08 reaches 17.5mm eq., and is sharp enough. I’m not surprised that the wide prime lens hasn’t come about.

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