Hello world!


Welcome to PentaxRumors.com! Stay tuned, we are still under construction.

You can also follow PentaxRumors on Facebook and Twitter. You can also grab the RSS feed here.

I still have to make few small adjustments to the site in the next few days.

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  • Silks

    Is this a revival? I recall there was a Pentax Rumor site before. If so, Pentax/Ricoh should start making some interesting stuff for you to put here 😉

    • admin

      I owned the pentaxrumors domain name for a long time but it was pointing to PhotoRumors.com. Now it is a separate site.

  • Wallace

    Cool this is pretty much the reason I was visiting your site so it works for me.

    • admin

      yes, many readers did just that – now you don’t have to see all other posts

  • Michael

    First 🙂

  • Thanks for putting the K mount up as a separate entity! As you noted it’s quite handy not needing to filter out the other gear.

  • testing comments

  • Kunzite

    A rumor site dedicated to Pentax, now that’s interesting. Are there enough Pentax rumors? 🙂
    At least, Pentax is a popular topic on Photorumors.

    • I will still cover major news/rumors on photorumors.com

  • 24×36

    I’ve said for many years that Pentax was marginalized by its stubborn refusal to produce a FF DSLR. Now you can see even the “rumor” sites are taking Pentax more seriously. 😉

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