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Pentax: shift to online marketing & sales and workshop approach to production is global, not limited to Japan

According to Ricoh’s strategy as presented during the recent investors meeting on March 3rd the use of the Internet to connect directly with customers and the workshop approach to production are a global strategy, not an approach limited to Japan:

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Ricoh Japan clarifies the upcoming camera business restructuring

Ricoh Japan issued a new press release clarifying some of the camera business restructurings that were announced on January 20th (see also this post). Here is a recap: Ricoh is planning to gain new customers with “direct and two-way communication” and new initiatives for GR users. Ricoh is planning to open online stores at Amazon, […]

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Correction from Ricoh US: “Ricoh will continue mass production and sales but will be adding more direct-to-consumer approaches to its distribution in Japan”

I just received a clarification from Ricoh Americas on the press release issued in Japan a few days ago about a major camera business restructuring: “The announcement created a bit of confusion and was specific to the market in Japan only. Ricoh will not be ceasing mass production and sales, but instead extending its distribution […]

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Ricoh announces major restructuring of their camera business

Ricoh released a press release with several new strategies that will be implemented on April 1st: Ricoh will stop mass-producing cameras and will concentrate on “workshop-like” manufacturing process Ricoh will implement a new digital camera sales system in Japan Ricoh Imaging will announce a new business structure Ricoh will concentrate on Web sales Update from […]

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