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The latest photo editing deals and coupons:

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Pelican G10 waterproof case for the Ricoh GR III camera

A reader sent me a tip that the small Pelican G10 waterproof case is a perfect fit for the Ricoh GR III camera. The G10 case can be purchased at Adorama, B&H, and Amazon and is available in different colors:

More Ricoh GR III accessories can be found here.

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Ricoh GR III Street Edition camera now shipping with a new firmware 1.40

Several readers have already received their new Ricoh GR III Street Edition Special Limited Camera Kit. The camera comes with a new firmware version 1.40 that is not yet available for “regular” GR III cameras (the last GR III firmware update was 1.31).

Check Ricoh GR III Street Edition camera pricing and availability at:

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Topaz Labs Sharpen AI version 2.1.0 released with a new auto-detect masking tool

Topaz Labs released a new version 2.1.0 of Sharpen AI with a new auto-detect masking tool that can detect 20 different types of subjects, including people, cars, planes, and various animals:

“Sharpen AI takes some of the tedious work out of post-processing. With the new “Find Objects” feature in the masking tool, Sharpen AI will automatically detect the subjects in your image for sharpening. It can detect 20 different types of subjects including people, cars, planes, various animals, and more. This feature can be accessed by clicking the “Mask” button to the right in the file list, and then clicking “Find Objects” in the left corner.”

Topaz Labs Sharpen AI is now sale: $59.99 (regularly $79.99).

The Utility Bundle is also discounted to $195.99 (regularly $249.99 – it includes JPEG to RAW AI, DeNoise AI, Sharpen AI, and Gigapixel AI).

The new Topaz Labs Video Enhance AI software is also still available for $199.99 ($100 off).

You can use coupon code RUMORS15 for an additional 15% off.

The complete Sharpen AI 2.1.0 changelog can be found here.

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HD PENTAX-D FA★ 85mm f/1.4 ED SDM AW lens review

This HD PENTAX-D FA★ 85mm f/1.4 ED SDM AW lens review is a guest post by Stephen Obermeier:

Full Disclosure: First of all many thanks to Pentax, who provided me with this lens exclusively and as Super-Early-Bird, allowing me to do a pre-test – which does not mean that this report is sponsored in any way. I use the Pentax K1 in my daily work as a freelancer, in my advertising agency, mainly commercially for portrait, product, and reportage jobs.

But enough about me – let’s get to the real star of the review, the HD PENTAX-D FA★ 85mm F1.4 ED SDM AW. I have to say that I have a preproduction model from Pentax here and that the final model may still differ slightly.

Please don’t expect a scientific treatise here about line pairs, chromatic aberration, bokeh bubbles and the like – I do with lenses and cameras as I do with music – If it doesn’t rock, it doesn’t rock, and if it doesn’t look good, it’s no good.

The first impression after I opened the box was – “OMG – This thing is huge!” – and that’s no exaggeration. I’m a prime-only shooter by nature and I’m used to the FA limited lenses – the big zooms are usually like lead in a cupboard, so an optic with this size takes some getting used to for me.

With a vertical grip and 2 batteries, the combo weighs more than two and a half kilos, which is quite a statement. That, and the size, make inconspicuous working rather difficult – so for Street, a GR3 is more appropriate, which you can easily carry around in the backlight aperture of the 85.

Once you get used to the weight and have gotten rid of the fear of ruining a €2,000 lens that doesn’t belong to you, the camera-lens combination feels really good in your hand. For balance, the vertical grip is a good option. The finish is beyond reproach.

Let’s get to the important things – what comes out in the end! I have been able to test and try a few things in the past few weeks and get used to the handling. Besides the test shots, the lens was also used last week by the North Sea, on the island of Juist. Thanks to Weather Sealing (even in rain and rough coastal winds) this commercial shoot bore very good results.

In fact, the lens did not disappoint, it really impressed.

But from the beginning: I first had to calibrate the 85 – on both K1 it was +3, which led to consistently good results. Shooting with open aperture is a joy, the lens is sharp – from 1.4 on without any limitations. The first thing you notice is the fact that you have to work really accurately. The depth of field is so shallow that you have to be careful where you put your focus, even at a greater subject distance. Here I wish the K1 had an even smaller central focus point – let’s see what the successor brings here. But the moaning takes place on a very high level.

But let’s look at some pictures in detail…

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Pentax Vision Part 2: the latest information on the new Pentax K-new flagship APS-C DSLR camera (video)

Ricoh released a new “Pentax Vision Part 2” video with the latest information on the upcoming Pentax K-new flagship APS-C DSLR camera:

A quick recap for those, who don’t want to watch the video:

1. New APS-C flagship.
2. New pentaprism, that was designed from scratch, features undisclosed material that have never been used before. This material helps to brighten the viewfinder at least by 10%. Low distortion, 1.05x magnification.
3. Dual SD card slots.
4. There will be black regular and later silver limited edition of the camera.
5. There will be silver version of K-1 Mark II as well.
6. There will be silver version of the 50 mm f/1.4, 85 mm f/1.4 and 70-200 mm f/2.8.
7. New 21 mm lens is in the works.
8. New sensor and electronics as well in upcoming flagship APS-C.
9. Improved ergonomics.
10. Better low ISO performance.
11. No word on resolution, no word on high ISO performance.

Ricoh also has new silver versions of the following Pentax star lenses:

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Pentax to release more info on the upcoming flagship APS-C DSLR camera on July 22

Ricoh is going to release more information (most likely a new YouTube video and/or a new dedicated website) for the upcoming flagship Pentax APS-C DSLR camera on Wednesday, July 22. Stay tuned for updates.

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