Pentax K-1 Mark II J Limited 01 DSLR camera announced in Japan

Ricoh announced the previously leaked Pentax K-1 Mark II J Limited 01 DSLR camera for the Japanese market (the previous J Limited version was also only available in Japan).

Here is the translated press release:

New release of “J limited 01”

A custom model based on the “PENTAX K-1 Mark II” with carefully selected parts and paint

Ricoh Co., Ltd. (President: Yoshinori Yamashita) and Ricoh Imaging Co., Ltd. (President: Shinobu Takahashi) have applied special colors and custom parts to the K series high-end digital single-lens reflex camera “PENTAX K-1 Mark II.” We will release a special model “J limited 01” equipped with the above on a made-to-order basis.

This product was developed based on the “PENTAX K-1 Mark II” (released in April 2018), which is the highest-end model of the K series 35mm full-size digital SLR camera. In order to deepen the attachment to the camera, which is a personal tool, we have performed high-quality, labor-intensive processing, special color painting, parts change, etc., which are impossible in mass production, and each one is made to order. It is a special model that has been commercialized as a factory custom model that is carefully assembled and delivered.

[About J limited] The
J limited project has various sympathies with the concept of “If there are users who enthusiastically support and love even 1%, let’s make it for those people.” With the cooperation of various companies and individuals, we started with a group of members who will never forget their playfulness. For users who have the same “temperature” as the members and who “do not have to be the same as everyone, but have a strong commitment to their own tools”, special parts and processing that can only be done by the manufacturer It is a factory custom brand. In July 2019, we launched “PENTAX KP J limited” as our first attempt, and as a result of the great response, we decided to develop it as a formal brand, and this time “J limited 01” was released.

product name J limited 01 body kit
Body color Black & Gold, Viridian, Scarlet Rouge, LX75 Metallic
Contents ・ PENTAX K-1 Mark II J limited 01 body
・ Custom wood grip (fixed type)
・ W top cover
・ Original hot shoe cover
・ Exclusive cosmetic box
Price Open price
Order start date February 25, 2021
Release date April 30, 2021 * For orders received by our company until March 21
Delivery date After receiving an order from us, it will be shipped to the dealer who ordered it in about 6 weeks.
* The shipping date may change depending on the order status.

・ Accessories Rechargeable lithium-ion battery, battery charger, AC cord, strap, ME finder cap, top cover A, top cover B, eyecup M II, eyecup FT, hot shoe cover O-HC182

Main features of the new product J limited 01

1. 1. Custom wood grip

It is equipped with an original design custom wood grip Note 1 that is carved from North American walnut and has a 9-layer coating . It is a special grip hand-finished by craftsmen with the cooperation of Miroku Techno Wood Co., Ltd., which is a Miroku group with a history of 120 years and also handles wooden handles for luxury cars. Black & Gold has a beautiful hand-blown gradation in Red SP color, Viridian, Scarlet Rouge, and LX75 metallic, each body color is dyed with high-grade ink and finished in black silver that exceeds normal black. Grips are available for each.

Note 1 : Custom wood grip cannot be attached or detached.

2. 2. Dimple rubber grip

Special grip parts with dimple design are used for the exterior on both sides of the main body. In particular, the grip on the left hand side has a shape with improved holding and grip while referring to past models, and the metal “AOCo” Note 2 mark specially made for “J limited 01” is applied. It is fitted.

Note 2 : A mark that means Asahi Optical Corporation at that time, which was engraved on past PENTAX SLR cameras.

3. 3. Body mount with Duratect gold coating

For the surface processing of the mount part, Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.’s surface hardening technology “Duratect” uses Duratect Gold coating, which uses ionized titanium and gold to improve beauty and surface hardness. The fearless brilliance of elegant yellow gold using precious metal gold creates a high-quality feel that is completely different from ordinary mounts.

4. W top cover

A removable top cover Note 3 that gives an impression different from the standard specifications when attached to the pentaprism section . The design, which is particular about the combination of faces, changes its expression greatly depending on how the light hits it, creating a unique presence. A brass “top cover A” can be layered on top of the resin “top cover B” to create a W top cover structure that allows the appearance to be changed according to the lens to be worn and the style of the day. The top cover is a type that is fixed with a special hot shoe cover carved from a metal (stainless steel alloy) block, and can be easily attached and detached.

Note 3 : When the top cover is attached, some accessories that are attached to the hot shoe cannot be used. Also, when “Top Cover A” is attached, it may interfere when using some lenses.

5. Equipped with a special shooting mode supervised by a professional photographer

Under the supervision of popular photographers Kazutoshi Yoshimura and Takukei Seo in USER mode, special mode settings “PH-mode Yoshimura” and “PH-mode T.” that reproduce the camera settings when they shoot landscapes. “Seo” is registered by default.

* Other camera specifications are the same as the “PENTAX K-1 Mark II” (excluding external size, mass, and firmware).

・ DURATECT is a registered trademark of Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.
-The product names and company names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.
・ Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.

Main specifications of J limited 01


Model TTL AE / AF SLR Digital Camera
Lens mount Pentax Bayonet KAF2 mount (with AF coupler, information contact, power contact)
Lens used KAF4, KAF3, KAF2 (power zoom compatible), KAF, KA mount lens

Imaging unit

Image sensor Type: Primary color filter / CMOS, Size: 35.9mm x 24.0mm
Number of effective pixels Approximately 36.4 million pixels
Total number of pixels Approximately 36.77 million pixels
Dust removal Image sensor cleaning function “DR II” by ultrasonic vibration
Sensitivity (standard output sensitivity) ISO AUTO / 100-819200 (1EV step, 1 / 2EV step or 1 / 3EV step)
Image stabilization Image sensor shift method (SR: Shake Reduction) (5-axis correction)
Lowpass selector Moire reduction function using SR unit, OFF / Type1 / Type2 / bracket (3 sheets) / bracket (2 sheets)

Recording format

Image file format RAW (PEF / DNG), JPEG (Exif 2.3 compliant), DCF 2.0 compliant
Recording size (number of pixels) [35mm full size]
JPEG: L (36M: 7360×4912), M (22M: 5760×3840), S (12M: 4224×2816), XS (2M: 1920×1280)
RAW: (36M: 7360×4912)
[APS-C size]
JPEG: L (15M: 4800×3200), M (12M: 4224×2816), S (8M: 3456×2304), XS (2M: 1920×1280)
RAW: (15M: 4800×3200)
image quality RAW (14bit): PEF, DNG
JPEG: ★★★ (Super Fine), ★★ (Fine), ★ (Economy), RAW and JPEG can be recorded at the same time
Color space sRGB, AdobeRGB
recoding media SD, SDHC, SDXC memory card (SDHC, SDXC memory card supports UHS-I standard)
Dual slot Sequential duplication, RAW / JPEG separation, image copy
Recording folder Folder name setting: Date (100_1018, 101_1019 …), optional (default is PENTX)
Recording file File name can be set (default is IMGP ****)
File No. setting: Serial number setting, reset


method Pentaprism finder
Field of view About 100%
magnification Approximately 0.70 x (50mmF1.4 ・ ∞)
Eye relief length Approximately 20.6 mm (from the opening frame), Approximately 21.7 mm (from the center of the lens)
Diopter adjustment function About -3.5 to + 1.2m-1
Focusing screen Natural Bright Mat III, non-replaceable
Finder display AF point, grid display, electronic level, AF frame, spot metering frame, crop

Live view

method TTL method using an image sensor
focus Contrast detection type (face detection, tracking, multi-point auto, select, spot), focus assist (ON / OFF)
display Approximately 100% field of view, enlarged display (up to 16 times), grid display (16 division display, golden division display, scale display, square (small), square (large) line type: black / white selectable), histogram display , Overexposure warning, composition fine adjustment

Image monitor

format TFT color LCD, wide viewing angle type, air gapless tempered glass, flexible tilt type
Image size 3.2 type (aspect ratio 3: 2)
Number of dots Approximately 1.037 million dots
Adjustment Brightness, saturation, color adjustment,
Outdoor monitor Adjustable in ± 2 steps
Red screen display On / off

White balance

method Combined method using image sensor and light source detection sensor
White balance Auto WB, Multi-pattern Auto WB, Sunlight, Shade, Cloudy, Fluorescent lamp (D: Daylight color, N: Daylight white, W: White, L: Light bulb color), Incandescent lamp, CTE, Manual (3 types can be registered), Color temperature setting (3 types can be registered), captured image setting
Tweak Adjustable in ± 7 steps on AB axis and GM axis

auto focus

method TTL phase difference detection formula
Distance measurement sensor SAFOX12, 33 points distance measurement (25 points in the center are cross type)
Luminance range EV-3-18 (ISO100, normal temperature)
AF mode Single AF (AF.S), Continuous AF (AF.C)
AF area Spot, select, select area expansion (S, M, L), zone select, 33 points auto
AF auxiliary light AF auxiliary light by dedicated LED

Exposure control

Photometric method TTL open metering with 86,000 pixel RGB sensor, split metering / center focus / spot
Exposure range EV-3 ~ 20 (ISO100 / 50mmF1.4)
Exposure mode Scene analyze auto, program, sensitivity priority, shutter priority, aperture priority, shutter & aperture priority, manual, bulb, flash tuning speed, USER1, USER2, USER3, USER4, USER5
Exposure compensation ± 5EV (1 / 2EV step, 1 / 3EV step selectable)
AE lock Button type (timer type: twice the metering operation time set in the custom setting), continue by pressing the shutter button halfway


method Electronically controlled vertical running focal plane shutter
* Uses an electronic shutter for real resolution systems
shutter speed Auto: 1/8000 seconds to 30 seconds, Manual: 1/8000 seconds to 30 seconds (1 / 3EV step or 1 / 2EV step), Bulb (Timer exposure can be set: 10 seconds to 20 minutes)
LV electronic shutter On / off


Drive mode [Still image]
1 frame, continuous (H, M, L), self-timer (12 seconds, 2 seconds, continuous), remote control (immediate, 3 seconds, continuous), bracket (2 frames / 3 frames / 5) Frame), mirror lockup (can be used with remote control), multiple exposure (continuous / self-timer / can be used with remote control), interval shooting, interval composition, interval video, star stream

remote control
* bracket, interval shooting, interval Composite, interval video, and star stream can be used with the self-timer / remote control

Continuous shooting [35 mm full size] Up to
about 4.4 frames / sec, JPEG (L ・ ★★★ ・ Continuous H): Up to 70 frames, RAW: Up to 17 frames Up to
about 3.0 frames / sec, JPEG (L ・ ★★★ ・ Continuous M ): Up to 100 frames, RAW: Up to
about 0.7 frames / sec, JPEG (L ・ ★★★ ・ Continuous L): Up to 100 frames, RAW: Up to 100 frames
[APS-C size] Up to
about 6.4 frames / Seconds, JPEG (L ・ ★★★ ・ Continuous H): Up to 100 frames, RAW: Up to 50 frames Up to
about 3.0 frames / sec, JPEG (L ・ ★★★ ・ Continuous M): Up to 100 frames, RAW: 70 frames Up to
about 1.0 frame / sec, JPEG (L ・ ★★★ ・ Continuous L): Up to 100 frames, RAW: Up to 100 frames
* When the number of frames that can be continuously shot is ISO100
Multiple exposure Compositing method: Addition / Average / Comparison Bright
Number of shots: 2-2000 times
interval [Interval shooting] Shooting interval: 2 seconds to 24 hours / Shooting standby time: Minimum 1 second to 24 hours, Number of shots: 2 to 2000 times, Start trigger: Immediate / Self-timer / Remote control / Time specification
[Interval composition] Shooting Interval: 2 seconds to 24 hours / Shooting standby time: Minimum 1 second to 24 hours, Number of shots: 2 to 2000 times, Start trigger: Immediate / Self-timer / Remote control / Time specification, Synthesis method: Addition / Average / Comparison , Progress save: On / Off
[Interval movie] Recording size: 4K / FullHD / HD, File format: Motion JPEG (AVI), Shooting interval: 2 seconds to 24 hours / Shooting standby time: Minimum, 1 second to 24 hours , Number of shots: 8 to 2000 times (8 to 500 times when recording size 4K is selected), Start trigger: Immediate / Self-timer / Remote control / Time specification
[Starstream] Recording size: 4K / FullHD / HD, File format: Motion JPEG (AVI), Shooting standby time: Minimum 1 second to 24 hours, Number of shots: 8 to 2000 times (8 to 500 times when recording size 4K is selected), Start trigger: Immediate / self-timer / remote control / time specification, Fade out: Off / Weak / Medium / Strong

External flash

Luminous method Automatic light emission, red eye reduction automatic light emission, forced light emission, red eye reduction forced light emission, slow sync, red eye reduction slow sync, P-TTL, light intensity ratio control, high speed sync, wireless sync possible
* Light intensity ratio control and wireless sync are compatible Requires 2 or more flashes
Synchro sync speed 1/200 seconds
Flash light intensity correction -2.0 to + 1.0EV

Shooting function

Custom image Auto Select, Vivid, Natural, People, Landscape, Ya (MIYABI), Pop Tune, Honoka, Flat, Bleach Bypass, Reversal Film, Monotone, Cross Process
Cross process Shuffle, presets 1-3, favorites 1-3
Digital filter Color extraction, color replacement, toy camera, retro, high contrast, shading, negative / positive inversion, solid monocolor, hard monochrome
Clear control -4.0 ~ +4.0
Skin color correction Type1 / Type2
HDR shooting Auto / Type1 / Type2 / Type3 / Advanced HDR, swing width setable, automatic position adjustment possible
Real Resolution Yes, motion compensation on / off, image stabilization on
Lens correction Distortion correction, peripheral illumination correction, chromatic aberration of magnification correction, diffraction correction
D-Range setting Highlight correction, shadow correction
noise reduction Long-time NR, high-sensitivity NR
GPS GPS log (recording interval, recording time, card slot setting), automatic time adjustment possible
Electronic compass Yes
Astro Tracer Yes
Automatic horizontal correction When SR is on: can be corrected up to 1 degree, when SR is off: can be corrected up to 2 degrees
Fine adjustment of composition Up / down / left / right shift adjustment range ± 1.5 mm (± 1 mm when rotating), rotation adjustment range ± 1 degree
Electronic level Viewfinder display (left / right / front / back tilt), image monitor display (left / right / front / back tilt)


file format MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 (MOV)
Recording size
frame rate
Full HD (1920×1080, 60i / 50i / 30p / 25p / 24p),
HD (1280×720, 60p / 50p)
voice Built-in stereo microphone, external microphone can be used (stereo recording), recording level can be adjusted, wind noise can be reduced
Recording time Maximum 4GB or maximum about 25 minutes, automatically ends when the internal temperature rises
Custom image Auto Select, Vivid, Natural, People, Landscape, Ya (MIYABI), Pop Tune, Honoka, Flat, Bleach Bypass, Reversal Film, Monotone, Cross Process
Cross process Shuffle, presets 1-3, favorites 1-3
Digital filter Color extraction, color replacement, toy camera, retro, high contrast, shading, negative / positive inversion, solid monocolor, hard monochrome

Playback function

How to play 1 image, multi-screen display (6, 12, 20, 35, 80 screens), enlargement (up to 16 times, 1x display possible, quick enlargement possible), grid display (16 divisions, golden division, scale, square (small) ), Square (Large) Line type: Black / White selectable), Rotation display, Histogram display (Y histogram, RGB histogram), Overexposure warning display, Vertical position automatic rotation, Detailed information display, Copyright information display (Photographer) Name, copyright holder name), GPS information (latitude, longitude, altitude, agreed world time), direction, folder display, shooting date display, slide show
Erase function 1 Image erase, All image erase, Selective erase, Folder erase, Quick view erase
Digital filter Base Makeup, Color Extraction, Color Replacement, Toy Camera, Retro, High Contrast, Shading, Negative / Positive Inversion, Solid Monocolor, Hard Monochrome, Dramatic Art, Drawing, Watercolor, Pastel, Posterization, Miniature, Soft, Cloth, Fisheye, Slim, monotone
RAW development RAW image selection:
1 image selection / multiple image selection / folder selection
RAW expansion parameters:
white balance, custom image, increase / decrease, clarity control, skin color correction, digital filter, HDR shooting, Real Resolution, shadow correction, high sensitivity NR, Dist -Image correction, ambient light amount correction, magnification chromatic aberration correction, diffraction correction, fringe correction, recording format (JPEG, TIFF), aspect ratio, JPEG recording size, JPEG image quality, color space
Editing function Image rotation, color moiré correction, resizing, trimming (aspect ratio can be changed, tilt can be corrected), video editing (splitting and deleting unnecessary parts), video frame image JPEG saving, buffer RAW saving, image copy

Customization function

User mode Up to 5 items can be registered: U5 PH-mode Yoshimura, U4 PH-mode T.Seo installed
Custom function 26 items
Mode memory 17 items
Custom button Fx1 button, Fx2 button (one-touch RAW +, outdoor monitor, flash mode, Real Resolution, Shake Reduction, automatic horizontal correction, electronic level), AF button (AF operation 1, AF operation 2, AF cancel), preview lever (optical preview) , Digital preview), Various electronic dial customization by exposure mode
AF.S: Selectable from focus priority / release priority
AF.C 1st frame operation: Selectable from auto / focus priority / release priority
AF.C Operation during continuous shooting: selectable from auto / focus priority / frame speed priority
AF hold: Selectable from off / weak / medium / strong
AF during interval shooting: Selectable from focus lock / no focus lock
AF with remote control: selectable from off / on
Key lock function Type1: Front electronic dial, rear electronic dial, exposure compensation button, ISO button, green button, AE lock button
Type2: Cross key, AF point movement / card slot switching button, OK button, MENU button
font size Standard, big
World time Compatible with 75 cities around the world (28 time zones)
language 20 languages: Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Turkish, Greek, Russian Language, Korean, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified)
AF fine adjustment ± 10 steps, uniform adjustment, individual adjustment (up to 20 can be registered)
Lighting settings Display panel (selectable from bright / dark / off), rear operation unit (selectable from bright / dark / off), lens mount (selectable from on / off), card / release terminal (selectable from on / off) )
indicator Wi-Fi (bright / dark / off selectable), GPS (bright / dark / off selectable), self-timer (on / off selectable), remote control (on / off selectable)
Copyright information “Photographer name” and “copyright holder name” are recorded in the image file, and the bundled software can be used to check for tampering.

GPS / electronic compass

Corresponding satellite GPS, QZSS, SBAS (WAAS / EGNOS / GAGAN / MSAS)
Reception frequency L1 1575.42MHz
Recorded information Latitude, longitude, altitude, date and time (Coordinated Universal Time), direction
Geodetic system World Geodetic System (WGS84)
GPS log KML format, recording interval: 5/10/15/30 seconds / minute, recording time: 1 to 24 hours, up to 9 hours when 5 seconds is selected, up to 18 hours when 10 seconds is selected
Electronic compass Direction calculation by 3-axis geomagnetic sensor and 3-axis accelerometer, due north reference

power supply

Batteries used Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery D-LI90P
AC adapter AC Adapter Kit K-AC167J (sold separately)
Battery life Possible number of shots … Approximately 670, playback time … Approximately 340 minutes
* Fully charged lithium-ion battery used, 23 ° C, number of shots is a guide based on measurement conditions according to CIPA standards, but varies depending on usage conditions ..

External interface

Terminal USB2.0 (micro B), external power supply terminal, cable switch terminal, X synchro socket,
HDMI output terminal (type D), stereo microphone input terminal, headphone output terminal
USB connection MSC / PTP


Compliant standard IEEE 802.11b / g / n (Wireless LAN standard protocol)
Frequency used (center frequency) 2412MHz to 2462MHz (1ch to 11ch)
Security Authentication method: WPA2, encryption method: AES

External dimensions / mass

External dimensions Approximately 140 mm (width) x 113 mm (height) x 111 mm (thickness) (excluding protrusions)
mass Approximately 1105g (including battery and 1 SD card)
Approximately 1020g (main unit only, including top cover A / B and eyecup FT)


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