Dpreview: Fujifilm X100F vs. Ricoh GR III

Dpreview published a comparison between the Fujifilm X100F ($1,200) and Ricoh GR III ($900) cameras. Here is the recap from FujiAddict:

  • 28mm Ricoh vs 35mm Fuji Tie
  • Fuji can use adapters for 28mm and 35mm, while Ricoh has just 21mm so Fuji Wins
  • Lens speed Ricoh is 2.8 Fuji 2.0 and there are many other variables so Tied again
  • Only Ricoh has stabilization Ricoh Wins
  • Ricoh bayer sensor vs Fujifilm X-Trans Ricoh Wins
  • Ricoh is actually pocketable so Ricoh Wins Size
  • GR has no VF so Fujifilm Wins Viewfinder
  • GR has no flash so Fujifilm Wins Flash
  • Fujifilm is more dial driven and Ricoh more touch screen Ricoh Has Best Touch Screen
  • Fuji X100’s are often mistaken as Leica cameras but the GR has effective controls DPR picks Ricoh Controls
  • The battery is easy Fujifilm has twice the performance as the Ricoh so Fujifilm wins battery
  • Neither are great for video, but Fujifilm wins video

Source: Dpreview via FujiAddict

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