More on the upcoming Pentax lenses

The Japanese photographer Kimio Tanaka has provided a lot of interesting Pentax information over the years. Here is his latest take on the upcoming Pentax lenses shown in the latest roadmap:

1. DA Standard Zoom Lens

This DA lens (APS-C format) is a ★ lens. This will be a zoom lens with an F2.8 f-number (this is almost certain). Currently, the standard DA★ zoom is smc PENTAX-DA★ 16-50mm F2.8 ED AL [IF] SDM; I think it will probably be the ‘upgraded version’ of that lens. The zoom range may change slightly, but you can think of it as being almost the same. Performance should of course be better. A conservative estimate of the scheduled release date would be around end of 2020 or spring of 2021.

2. Large Aperture Wide-Angle Single Focus Lens

This lens is a D FA for full size format and a ★ lens (this is almost certain). Concerning its focal length, Mr Iwasaki said ‘We are thinking about 35mm, 28mm and 24mm’, but I was told 24mm is almost decided (I am confident with that). Among the 35mm, 28mm and 24mm, 24mm is the most difficult to design, but they intend to dare to aim for it. I agree with the aim at 24mm. Of course the f-number will be F1.4. As for the scheduled release date, everyone please wait serenely until the end of 2021.

3. Ultra Wide-Angle Single Focus Lens

This is a ‘difficult topic’. Mr Iwasaki is vague and frustrated when it comes to this lens. He does not say it clearly. But FA or D FA lens is certain. I think the focal length is probably 20mm. Perhaps -this is wishful thinking on my part- but it might be the ‘Limited lens’ I have been waiting for a long time. I would like a FA Limited to be released soon and, because I’ve heard a few such talks, I’m expecting they’ll do it. I would be delighted. As for the release date, there shouldn’t be any great hope in 2020.

4. HD PENTAX-D FA★ 85mm F1.4

The lens name is a tentative name. A mock-up was exhibited for reference at CP+ 2019. The lens appearance, design and size are not definitive either, but it will probably be a lens of that size. It looks big, heavy and expensive, but it seems to be a lens that focuses on rendering performance. With the already released D FA★ 50mm F1.4 and the lens #② on the roadmap (possibly D FA★ 24mm F1.4), they intend to make a large-aperture high-quality single-focus lens series. It made an impressive reference exhibition but it’s impossible that it would be released this year, it feels like it should be released sometimes in 2020.

5. HD PENTAXーD FA 70-200mm F4

This is a tentative name too. Focal length and f-number are decided. Although the 2018 roadmap clearly stated that the release date would be ‘Spring 2019’, the release date has disappeared from this year’s roadmap. Well, I guess, speaking of spring 2019, it’s now. There is neither a lens reference exhibition nor a mock-up. There is neither shadow nor shape. Its features seem to be compactness and lightness. It’s a zoom lens that was expected to be released this spring but, since it’s usual for Pentax to break a promise, well, it can’t be helped. It is expected to be released this year, by the end of 2019, but it feels like it might be released unexpectedly earlier.

6. Telephoto Zoom Lens

Mr. Iwasaki, Planning Manager, did not answer clearly when I asked him many times but it seems to be a D FA 70-300mm or a D FA 55-300mm. Although the f-number is unknown, it should be around F4.5-5.6 or F4.5-6.5, shouldn’t it? You can think of it as a handy FA telephoto zoom lens based on the concepts of small size, light weight and low price. There should be many K-1 / K-1 MkII users waiting for this zoom. But, unfortunately, the release date should be around 2021. If feasible, that’s a lens that ought to be released next year.

Source: Thisistanaka, recapped by Mistral 75

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