Ricoh released new firmware update and roadmap for the Theta V camera

Ricoh released new firmware and app updates for the Ricoh Theta V camera:

  • Added a function to correct rotational shake when shooting video.
  • Subject shake when shooting video has been reduced.
  • Purple fringing has been reduced.
  • Resolved the problem that weakened the spatial audio effect when recording with the 3D microphone (TA-1).
  • Changed the default time until auto-shutdown from 48 hours to 18 hours.

Ricoh also updated their Theta V roadmap (click for larger view):

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  • Дмитрий

    pentax stop it 180 camera
    go beter pentax k1 mark 2
    1) beter menu
    2) more beter af
    3) light waight
    4) compact size
    5) new sensor/ no 42 mp sony/ smb no AA like nikon d850
    42mp sony give bad picture 5mp 5ds r give best picture/
    mb 18-21 no AA sensor +pixel shift

    • Phanter

      Do you english?

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