Ricoh updated their Pentax K-mount roadmaps

Ricoh updated their Pentax K-mount roadmaps (click for larger view):

Pentax K-mount lens roadmap 2017

Pentax K-mount full frame lens roadmap

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  • David Philpott

    DA*11-18 2.8… YES!!!

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    Can’t find any information on these 2 new lenses on any of the or sites. The 50/1.4 looks suspiciously like Sigma’s. There’s going to be an 85/1.4 (Sigma’s?) and a fast wide coming soon, maybe it will be Sigma’s 28/1.4 since the 35/1.4 is the only one currently available in K mount?

    • Zos Xavius

      These are internal designs

      • CaMeRa QuEsT

        On more thorough inspection of available pictures, the front and rear elements of the new lens do indeed look different to Sigma’s, but a construction drawing will ultimately clear this up, that’s why I was trying to find some oficial info on this lens on Ricoh’s websites. I believe I read somewhere that Sigma was going to OEM to an undisclosed brand, and Pentax makes the most sense since they don’t sell any other ART lenses in K mount other than the 18-35/1.8 and the 35/1.4, though they are still a long ways to go to reach OEM QC levels, even with their newest ART lenses.

        • Zos Xavius

          But I already cleared that up for you. The Pentax 50/1.4 is a completely different design developed entirely by Ricoh. The star designation alone says that this is not a rebadged lens. They have also stated themselves that it is 100% their own design. Pentax doesn’t need sigma to make lenses for them, but that would be a great collaboration to have.

        • Zos Xavius

          PS Sigma’s QC is up there on their art lenses. They use testing benches based on the foveon sensor. If you get a bad Art lens its because something happened to it in shipping between the factory and your house. They are tested extensively.

    • yes, I was looking for more info too – it seems that Ricoh didn’t even care to update their website…

      • Mistral75

        It’s not a final announcement, they have just announced the development of the two lenses.

        • That makes sense and explains the lack of details.

          • Zos Xavius

            You won’t get many details out of Ricoh. They probably won’t release any more information until the lenses are officially released. Seems like their pattern lately is to run a “leak” before they release new product that’s been in the pipeline get the press talking. Seems to work ok for them but really doesn’t make up for their total lack of advertising outside of Japan.

          • yes, I figured…

    • Nakayamahanzaemon

      Ricoh has updated the Japanese site, but it is almost the same with the announcement you see on Pentax Rumors or dpreview.

      Ricoh says in the Japanese site that two lenses will be from “the new generation of star lenses” which Ricoh is developing by completely revising the in-house standard of resolution.

      It’s very likely that Sigma has nothing to do with two lenses.

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