Irix 11mm f/4 lens for Pentax K-mount now up to $50 off

The Irix 11mm f/4 lens for Pentax K-mount is currently on sale at B&H:

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  • Chef Shawk Parson III

    cool … but why 2 images of the same lens? are they different versions of the same lens perhaps?

  • what is neutrino lens coating ????? really

    • David de Bunker

      Why do you care? I don’t. Nor about a B&H deal as I live in Europe

      • I don’t give a **** what you don’t care about I asked a question

        • can you watch your language please?

          • So what is wrong with the word DARN, four **** does NOT mean swearing, just your mind

          • David de Bunker


        • David de Bunker

          I had a reason for asking. You seem to be uselessly commenting. The second part was not strictly Aimed at you.

    • beavertooth

      Just another american style acronym because it sounds foreign and hence interesting to some. It’s definitely not a coating of semi phased sub atomic particles created by solar fusion that bombard us every second of every day. I went on the neutrino lab tour in Sudbury.

      • Thank you

        • beavertooth

          It’s a coating similar to pentax’s SMC (super multi coated) lenses. Christopher frost photography on youtube did a review of this lens. Good results for the price and there are two models. Blackstone model is metal and the firefly model is plastic but decent plastic, otherwise they are identical.

          • Mistral75

            > Lens coatings in general are to limit distortions and aberrations while keeping the most detail possible.

            Err… they are to improve light transmission / limit light blooming and flare.

          • Duh as a PRO photographer I know that, I wondered what the actual coating here was “neutrino”

          • Mistral75

            I was answering beavertooth‘s odd comment about lens coating limiting distortions and aberrations.

            Neutrino coating” is the marketing gimmick used by TH Swiss AG for the coating of the Irix lenses’ elements. They have never gone into any details concerning it.

        • beavertooth

          Well it looks like my explanation comment was deleted. Time to move elsewhere.

          • I did not delete any comments

      • Cyril D

        It is not US specific. It was called like this from the beginning of its commercialization in Europe. I bought an Irix lens myself in the UK, so I know what I am talking about. It doesn’t however helping making more sense of it… It is just a marketing gimmick anyway

        • beavertooth

          Indeed. I had added reply to my first comment but it vanished. I ordered a blackstone version of this lens for Pentax Kmount.

          • probably some issue with disqus – I will check again

          • I see your comment now – I think the problem was that it contained a link and I had to manually approve it because of the large number of spam I am getting

          • beavertooth

            It’s alright. I’l restart at a later date.

          • all blogs have a huge problem with spammers from Russia… not sure if this can ever be solved

  • David de Bunker

    why o why have I been banned on all photorumors sites except this one the only one I ever posted on, except four years ago when I posted on photorumors

    • It must be a misunderstanding, I don’t remember ever banning you. Maybe you are using the IP address of somebody I banned a while back. Let me check.

    • Yes, your IP address was banned 6 days ago. I removed the ban – it was not for you but for somebody else who was using the same IP address.

      • David de Bunker

        Glad I didn’t get banned, I will have a good word with my IP adress about this.

        • lol 🙂 I don’t ban readers without a reason

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