The reports/rumors about Ricoh no longer selling Pentax cameras in 2018 are false

Several readers contacted me with questions about a French website that reported a few weeks ago that Ricoh is planning to stop the production of Pentax cameras in 2018. As far as I know this information is 100% wrong or at least not backed by any reliable source. I will not mention the name of the website because I do not encourage such behavior (and there are a lot of rumor websites today that report nothing but made-up stories for a few extra clicks).

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  • Mistral75

    This French website is a satirical one, known as such.

    The following is written in their ‘About us’ section:

    rappelons à nos lecteurs que tous les articles publiés ici sont faux et
    rédigés afin d’animer la communauté photographique. La référence à des
    personnalités, des entreprises ou des institutions publiques est faite
    dans un but humoristique et satirique. Mais les meilleurs d’entre-vous
    ont déjà bien sûr compris cela !


    We remind our readers that all the articles published here are false
    and written in order to entertain the photographic community. Any
    references to personalities, companies or public institutions iare made
    for a humorous and satirical purpose. But the best of you have already
    understood this!

  • NEVER pay attention to “RUMORS”

    • Barbu Mateescu

      Funny, considering the site on which your comment is written.

  • g_disqus

    Maybe you know something about GR III?

    • D’Agosta David

      I’m with you…a new GR is overdue

  • TinusVerdino

    It were reports on a satirical French website. Never meant to be true. BUT PETER HAS TO MAKE FUD OF IT!

    • What is your problem… again? You are the FUD here, if you don’t like the website, don’t read it – it’s as simple as that.

      • monocolor

        But why did it need a post? Most people would have missed it, now they won’t. It just causes more undeserved panic for Pentax as it was indeed simply a satirical website making a fake story as a joke.

        • Did you read my post? Multiple readers asked me about it…

          • monocolor

            Of course I read it. By the very notion of you making a post about it though, you are advertising this is possibly a thing. You don’t even mention the ‘rumor’ came from a humorous site and was entirely invented as a sartirical, joke article. The way your post is worded can easily lend one to believe it might have been an actual rumor.

            So you give it more traction. People who would have never been alerted to this fake news are now through your site. As a result, they may (generally do) start to think the company is on shaky ground if such ‘rumors’ are swirling on real news and rumor sites (such as your own).

            Better in the future to just allay fears in private and not make a story out of it. Or, at the very least, mention in your post the ‘rumor’ came from a satirical website and was never intended to be taken seriously — its a (bad) joke.

          • Let me understand your logic – I give it more traction by saying it is not true? So I have to tell that is true in order to give it less traction? Is this how this is supposed to work? I had to post this online because many ready thought the initial report was true. Without my post many people will still think that the initial report is true. So how is this giving it more traction?

          • monocolor

            Did you read my post? The answers you seek are found there. In short, please just mention the ‘rumor’ came from a satirical site and was never intended to be taken seriously.

            I think there are a lot of non-native English speakers here that don’t understand satirical humor in the way it is worded. Which can lend one to think maybe they are serious and this ‘news’ is true.

          • monocolor

            Besides, you’re giving this satirical site legs by reacting to it publicly.

          • I did not link to the site for that exact reason, so I am not giving it any legs.

          • Michael Penn

            I found nothing wrong with what you posted and I have no idea why monocolor has his panties in a bunch.

          • I don’t know either… I guess some people are very sensitive when somebody reports that the “bad” news about their favorite brand was not true…

          • monocolor

            I thought I made it very clear. The body of your text alludes to the fake article possibly still being correct.

            You announce there is an article saying crazy things (now everyone knows there is some website saying this stuff), then don’t completely destroy the notion that the ‘rumor’ they crafted was not meant to be taken seriously. Your wording is open ended.

            I would say the same thing if you had posted about Canon, Nikon, Sony, or any other brand.. forget the brand.. lets not be one dimensional about this please.

          • Barbu Mateescu

            Indeed, any denial of a rumor is helping it gain just that little bit of more traction. If you would state exactly that (the „rumour” originating from a satirical site, and people spreaded it like it was a serious one) the fake news would be indeed quenced.

          • So if I mention the “satirical” website, all of your worries about this post will go away? Regarding your worries about people that do not understand English – how can we ensure that they will know what “satirical” means? Here I will direct you again to the title of this post:
            The reports/rumors about Ricoh no longer selling Pentax cameras in 2018 are false
            I think the title says it pretty clear, if somebody’s English is not good enough to understand this, I don’t think that adding the word “satirical” will make any difference, not to mention that in 2017 is pretty easy to use an online translator, especially from English language.

          • Mistral75

            Your title is pretty clear, sadly it does not correspond to the title and content of the satirical article, which speaks of RicohPentax shifting to a production to order model in 2018, not of Ricoh no longer selling Pentax cameras in 2018.

      • TinusVerdino

        My problem is that you are trying to hurt Pentax with clickbait. FOR YOUR STUPID MONEY HOPING SOME OTHER SITES WILL PICK IT UP.

  • Nakayamahanzaemon

    I’m afraid that this kind of rumor or anxiety from it keeps going for a while. Ricoh’s share price has surged 30% in the last four months, which is seen as a result of structural reform going on. But that doesn’t mean everything is totally OK for Pentax. Things are pretty tough for everybody in the market.

    • ZMWT

      This is not story about Pentax at all. Pentax as an entity in any form exists no longer. It is just a badge put on some cameras and lenses. Badge alone can’t do anything about itself. Ricoh Imaging part of Ricoh can put a badge ‘Pentax’ or ‘Ricoh’ or ‘Maverick’ or ‘Bob’s Toy’ or whatever else, on any product they choose to sell.

  • Mistral75

    By the way, the French website Admin is writing about never wrote that Ricoh would “no longer [be] selling Pentax cameras in 2018” nor that “Ricoh is planning to stop the production of Pentax cameras in 2018.” (I am quoting from this very article’s title and main text)

    They simply wrote that Ricoh have decided to shift the production of Pentax gear to a production to order scheme involving clients in the final assembly should they so wish.

    A quick and dirty translation of the French article is following.

    • Mistral75

      Pentax towards a production to order

      Ricoh’s management is about to communicate alarming figures to their shareholders, this a bit after the end of the first half of the current fiscal year. The sale of Pentax cameras and lenses has not taken off since the beginning of the year. Only the Pentax 645Z seems to stand out, its price making it affordable for a digital medium format camera. However But the arrival on the market of a serious competitor, the Fujifilm GFX 50S, could threaten Pentax on this product range.

      According to our sources, Ricoh have taken the lead and should in all likelihood announce a total change of strategy. According to our sources, here is the road map that the Japanese manufacturer is about to follow. An announcement should follow this fall, most likely during the Salon de la Photo next November.

      ● January 2018: Announcement of the stoppage of the continuous production of all the camera models.

      ● March 2018: Cessation of continuous production AND launch of the production on order campaign and factory internships

      ● April 2018: Start of order takings

      ● June 2018: Start of production with future buyers

      As of April of next year, it will not be possible to find a Pentax camera in shops, however you will be able to order one online and especially you will have the chance to participate in factory internships during which you will have to build or assemble components of your future acquisition.

      Ricoh have therefore decided to sell their products as luxury items and at the same time invite their future customers to play a role in manufacturing.

    • see my post – the text in the post does says production:

      “Ricoh is planning to stop the production of Pentax cameras in 2018”

      • Mistral75

        Cease continuous production and replace it by production to order (the text in the French satirical article) is different from “stop the production of Pentax cameras” (your text).

  • David de Bunker

    When you have to post crap like this to gather comments you probably should not be running a pentax rumor site.

    • If you don’t like this website and what I post here, feel free not to visit it any more – this is what I have been doing for decades and I can ensure you that it works pretty good.
      Btw, I do not publish posts “to gather comments”, I publish them to inform my audience who asked me multiple times about this rumor. That is all and it is very simple to comprehend.

      • ZMWT

        What you posted and then denied as true, finds its roots not just in idle speculation of that website, but in past articles published by Thom Hogan.
        He openly advocated that Ricoh switches to such form of sales, direct and exclusively online sales, avoiding shops where small brands stand no chance against competition and high cost of distribution.
        It is indeed better for Ricoh to have two, but great products with a level of customisation selectable by users, than 6 ‘standard’ products across different formats, lens systems and incompatible technologies that drain company’s resources ad nauseum.

        • I am glad that my post triggered this discussion.

          • David de Bunker

            yes because you bait has been taken.

  • Kunzite

    Clickbait title, and false information. Come on, Peter, you can do better! (see, it even rhymes 😉 ).
    False information, because it’s not a rumor, and definitely not a report. By calling that sad piece of poor satire “report/rumor” you’re giving it credibility that it doesn’t have. Yes, even if you say it’s false.
    Further saying things like “not backed by any reliable source”, as if something made up *as per author’s claim* could be backed by a reliable source, furthers adds to the confusion.
    Why not clearly stating that it’s a sad piece of poor satire completely unconnected to reality?

  • The Kommentator

    Lots of time wasted on Fake News.

  • 5857521ManitobaInc

    I learned photography on a k1000 back in the 80’s.
    I’ve owned dozens of pentax cameras over the decades since.
    I no longer give a crap if they stay in business or not.
    by the time they release a camera that shoots decent 4k video, all the competitors will have 8k with fast AF as standard.
    they missed the boat on video and I can no longer justify owning multiple camera platforms and systems for my business.

  • beavertooth

    I truly wish that Pentax would finally decide on the K-3 mark iii. It’s rumored reveal has been bouncing around for far too long and at this rate it will take the same decade in time it took the K-1 to come out and that in and of itself was a kind of sadistic torture.

    The idea of needing several brands to run a business is becoming untenable. Nikon D850 is a nice camera but not what the hype makes it out to be particularly for the price. I don’t care for 4K video and barely any client asks for it even when it offered for no extra charge which isn’t surprising, My 4K camcorder barely get’s any 4K use.

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