Pentax KP high-ISO video samples

This video showcases the high-ISO performance of the Pentax KP DSLR camera. All video was shot on the KP at default settings with no color correction, sharpening or any other usual post-processing at all:

Via Pentaxforums

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  • Richard Jackson

    Definitely better than it was, but still a long way behind in many other areas.

    Still no focus peaking or mechanical stabilisation During video capture.

    Bit rates are higher, but still lag a long way behind the competition. Fuji and Olympus have made big leaps forward in recent years, leaving Pentax all alone in last place video wise. Simple changes would improve this a lot fairly easily.

    • ZMWT

      That is difficult to say. Although imagers can do both stills and video, it is questionable how far one feature goes without affecting the other. For example, Leica SL can do impressive 4K video, yet the KP delivers better quality stills than Leica’s FF sensor. Ricoh Imaging published a series of articles about their design choices, and there is definitely underlying know-how behind those choices; is it a coincidence that Pentax equipment delivers best still image quality photography in business?

      • Richard Jackson

        Yes, that is one possible cause…

      • Zos Xavius

        It’s a budget issue as well. Resources invested in video would take away from other areas. Ricoh is a small shop.

    • Zos Xavius

      Mechanical stabilization will come via a firmware update.

      • Richard Jackson

        For all the cameras since the K-x/K-5/K-5, that they actively took it away from…

    • Spy Black

      I’ll have to assume Fuji has improved on what I saw sometime back on the XT-1, which was pretty hideous. Have not seen Olympus footage. This footage is pretty good to 6400, and decent at 12800. All of it is well within Neat Video’s noise reduction capacity.

      I would say bigger issues are the fact that only one lens is able to shoot AF video, something that could hopefully fixed in firmware. AF video is not good either, something else that hopefully can be improved vie firmware. The ability to shoot a flat profile would work well hand-in-hand with the new video quality, but is not available. Rolling shutter is apparently another big issue with this camera, and that probably would not have a firmware fix.

      So frankly, the video image quality and stabilization are the LAST things Ricoh has to worry about on this camera.

      • Richard Jackson

        Or, that’s not the case at all. How about we fix the stabilisation first, rather than wait for them to release new lenses that support video AF? Seems quicker, and a better use of the time waiting to me.

        Here’s some info on the Olympus camera video capabilities. It’s from 2015, which makes it nearly 2 years old now. Pentax is still rocking the same core video offering from the K-01 and K-30 models in 2012…

        Again, Pentax have made good improvements in their noise handling at higher ISO levels. That’s to be commended, but there’s lots more to be addressed now.

        • Spy Black

          Right, it’s more important to have well stabilized out of focus footage…

          • Richard Jackson

            Or in focus but ruined by jello wobble ‘Movie SR’

            Seriously, Pentax had this working, but now only Sony, Olympus and Panasonic do.

            I hear you, there’s lots to improve is what it comes down to. I expect some bright spark will decide 4K is most important next, and we’ll have warped and out of focus footage, but in a higher resolution.

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